White Pine Coffee: Local Roastery Offers Unique Cups of Coffee

By: Amber Ogden | January 18, 2016
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It’s Monday morning. Your alarm rings, yet again, and you promise this is the last time you hit the snooze button. It’s not. Sound familiar?

Mondays are tough, but with the right cup of coffee in hand; they’re a bit more bearable. White Pine Coffee is a Michigan micro-roastery that will, dare I say it, make you look forward to mornings.

Launched online in 2013, co-owners Brad Kopek, Bryan Meganck and Megan Meganck use a 15-kilogram roaster from Portugal to create specialty coffees unique to metro Detroit.

White Pine Coffee

(Saw Mill Espresso)

Passion is what Kopek says sets White Pine apart from other local coffee roasters:

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“We’re making every cup of coffee better,” he said. “We took everything into account, from the beans we secure and purchase to the roasting philosophy to matching that up with how people like to brew their coffee at home. We don’t leave anybody behind.”

White Pine Coffee offers five different signature blends, including Timber Cruiser (dark roast blend), River Hog (light roast blend) and Shanty Boy (medium roast house blend).

Good news for folks in the Ferndale area—following the micro-roastery’s guest appearance at The Rust Belt holiday marketplace, White Pine is providing coffee service for a three to four month pop-up shop at the Rust Belt, beginning last Friday, Jan. 15.

White Pine Coffee

(White Pine Coffee at The Rust Belt Market)

“We do feel that we’re providing something that’s been a little lacking in the area, as far as the quality and the specialty nature of it, and the unique offerings that we have,” Kopek said.

White Pine Coffee beans are available at numerous cafes and grocery stores, and coffee lovers can sign up for a Homesteader coffee subscription! Choose from a three, six or twelve month subscription, pick your preferences and once or twice a month, you’ll receive coffee right to your door.

Roastery tours are available by appointment and can accommodate up to 15 people at most.

“Every cup of coffee can be made a little bit better through the correct roasting and brewing procedures,” Kopek said. “There is no one perfect cup of coffee, it depends on where you start and where you want to end up.”

When you’re feeling groggy, you want to end up with a cup of White Pine Coffee in hand.

Additional coffee roasters in the area to consider: Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. (Detroit), Commonwealth (Birmingham), Anthology Coffee (Detroit), Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters (Rochester), RoosRoast (Ann Arbor) and Espresso Elevado (Plymouth).