Why You Should Be Dining in Ann Arbor This Week

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 12, 2017
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Did you know Ann Arbor has one of the best dining scenes in metro Detroit? Some people say it’s one of the best places to eat in the midwest! Well, lucky for you, dear reader, this is the perfect time to find that out first hand!

This week is Ann Arbor Restaurant Week and there are so many restaurants participating this year that you couldn’t possibly enjoy them all (though, that won’t stop me from trying). Here are the basics: each participating restaurant will have a curated menu with a set price ($15 for lunch, $28 for dinner) across all restaurants. You pick a restaurant you want to try, call ahead to make a reservation (note: not all participating restaurants take reservations) and the rest is, well, cake (also note: cake may not be served at your restaurant of choice). Some restaurants will even be offering “2 for 1” deals, which is just what it sounds like: pay that aforementioned price and get two meals instead of one. Kind of hard to pass that up!

The folks at Ann Arbor Restaurant Week have also made it super easy on their website to sort through all of the participating restaurants. Looking to take advantage of that aforementioned 2 for 1 deal? There’s a filter for that. Adhering to a strict, vegan diet? There’s a filter for that, too. With so many choices, you’ll need to narrow it down to actually pick a destination. Otherwise, you’d miss the whole week just trying to make up your mind!

So, where will you be dining in Ann Arbor this week? Maybe start the week with a cup of soup and a half sandwich for lunch at Afternoon Delight. Then, make your way to your way to Carlyle Grill on Tuesday for dinner to enjoy a small salad, a BBQ entree and one of three kinds of cake (mmmm…cake…). On Wednesday, you might be feeling a little, well, full. Get your fix of veggies at Aventura to “eat like a Spaniard,” which apparently means eating a lot of delicious greens.

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So, go grab some friends and chow down at Ann Arbor Restaurant Week. We’ll go ahead and leave the rest of the week up to you.