Winter Drinks Make Cold Days a Little Warmer

By: Karen Dybis | November 9, 2020

It’s understandable that when Daylight Savings Time makes everyone Fall Back, you’d also start to feel a little Seasonal Affective Disorder as a result of the limited hours of sunlight. That’s when you know you need to find a new cocktail to celebrate these winter days. 

Luckily, many Metro Detroit bars and restaurants serve drinks that directly honor the winter months through their names, ingredients or overall vibe. These drinks also can show up on the bartop or in a carryout container in a frosty mug, with a sugared rim or other unique displays of wintertime chill. 

At Joe Muer’s Seafood in Bloomfield Hills, they’ve created the Snowflake Martini, a drink that combines Absolut Vanilla, Godiva white chocolate liquor and a little heavy cream with a sugar rim. It’s not only delicious as a drink but it is an attractive way to cheer the holidays – or get a break from all of that holiday shopping, said lead bartender Bill Wood. 

“We really focus on the sugar rim – we can even change the colors depending on the season. For the holidays, we will make it red or green,” Wood said. “If it’s snowy, we’ll do something in white. It’s always a big hit.” 

Here are some other cold-weather inspired drinks found around Metro Detroit bars and restaurants that are likely to warm body and soul when you try them. 


The location of this Detroit bar and restaurant is ideal for enjoying Michigan’s colder month as you can see the Campus Martius skating rink from most of the windows and the outdoor tent. If you’re dreaming of time on the ice, give the Vesper a try with its blend of vanilla and pineapple infused vodka.

Gray Ghost

The only way to describe a Michigan winter is through its often gray atmosphere. That’s why a drink like “Strange Clouds” seems like a perfect wintertime cocktail. It includes Irish whiskey, Laphroaig, hickory maple, walnut and applewood sea salt. 

Jolly Pumpkin

When it comes to getting friends together whether at home or at an outdoor gathering, having some Jolly Pumpkin beer on hand hits the spot. Try the Noel de Calabaza, which Jolly Pumpkin describes as an Oak-aged holiday ale. Its flavor is said to have notes of truffles, sugar plums and spiced fruitcake.

The Oakland

If you’re looking for serious flavor in your carry-out cocktails, then The Oakland is an ideal place to find them. Everything here is crafted carefully with serious thought given to every ingredient. One suggestion is What’s the Yams, a tasty cocktail that featured aged Rum, Cardamaro, Sweet Potato, Almond Milk and Orange. 


If you’re looking for a cold drink, then Detroit-based Standby will have something lovely to enjoy through its curbside pickup. A fine drink to imbibe would be the Freezer Manhattan, which sounds like a good, cold Michigan winter special. Its dark color comes from its mix of Maker’s Mark whiskey, Sweet Vermouth Blend and Angostura Bitters. Add a slice of orange peel for color and drama.