You’ve Goat to Try Goat Yoga in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 11, 2018
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We all need ways of decompressing from our stress-filled days. Whether that is reading a book, walking the dog, or perhaps doing some yoga, decompressing from a long workday is important to your health. Yoga is a way many of us do just that, and while there are plenty of great yoga places, there is one place in metro Detroit where you can experience a new kind of yoga.

Goat yoga has become a yoga trendacross the country, and Pingree Farms is offering it to metro Detroiters. This yoga class is exactly what you think it is as guests get to enjoy a full-fledged yoga class in the company of some adorable goats. Yoga instructors will help you perfect the “downward goat” with the assistance of some actual goats!

Just bring everything you would bring to a normal yoga class (a yoga mat, water bottle, comfortable clothes, etc.), and Pingree Farms will provide the rest. Instead of your typical yoga class setting, you’ll be in a barn-like setting with straw and of course, live goats. Guests will go through the typical array of yoga poses creating a relaxed, but fun atmosphere.

Proceeds from the classes will support the Pingree Farms Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that helps Detroit neighborhoods through education, volunteerism, partnerships, and action through agriculture. The farm itself is a non-profit organization and there are plenty of opportunities to help the community through volunteering or donating.

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Pingree Farms aims to help youth education in a fun and encouraging agriculture environment. The farm has grown every year since it opened in 2010 and has developed programs with Detroit Public Schools to help children learn about farming, animals, and growing food. You can book a stand-alone tour of the farm, or enjoy a short tour of the farm at the end of your goat yoga class.

Space is limited for these popular classes, so be sure to register here before tickets are sold out. Pingree Farms will be hosting classes regularly through June 23. You can also find out more information on everything else that Pingree Farms does for the community on their website and Facebook page.