Zander Michigan Brings Fashion, Fun & Funk to Detroit Folk Music

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 21, 2018
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What do you get when you blend James Bond’s style with the sounds of Bob Dylan crossed with the Beatles, Jack White, and Drake? One of Detroit’s unique up-and-coming music talents, Zander Michigan.

The stage name for Alexander Melidis, Zander Michigan grew up in Detroit where his love for music started at a very young age. It wasn’t until college where he discovered Bob Dylan and found his unique approach to music. Zander recorded his first set of acoustic demos in 2013 titled “Never Going Back Home.”

By 2014, Zander was playing on local radio stations and at festivals. His first album,“Zander, The Great” was released in 2015 and “Zander, MI 48018” came out in 2016. He continued to crank out new music as he released an EP, “Kitchen Sink #1,” in 2017.

His Detroit folk music blends all sorts of styles, making him stand out from other singer-songwriters.

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“I would say my style is similar to [Bob Dylan], but pretty unconventional,” Zander said. “Aside from Bob, my biggest influences are the Beatles, Drake, the Arctic Monkeys, and the Strokes. My goal is to blend my sound into a mash up of those 5 artists. That would be deliciously weird.”

Zander’s music style certainly makes him stand out, but his fashion also makes him notable. Usually sporting a fedora, bow tie, and sunglasses, Zander’s sense of style also started at an early age.

Zander Michigan

Photo Credit: Brian Rozman Photography

“When I was young I was in a ‘Little Mr. Michigan’ pageant, so I was fly from the beginning. Naturally that’s why I dress how I do, from my days in baby beauty pageants,” Zander said.

Whether it’s a unique sound or confident look, Zander Michigan’s performances are always full of high energy and good vibes. His favorite thing about performing is getting his spirit out and sharing himself with a group of people to make them feel what you feel.

“To be able to have someone tell me they were moved by a performance is really the reason I go up on stage and shake and bake,” Zander said.

Even after two albums, an EP, and countless performances, you will still see plenty of Zander Michigan in the near future. He is working on a college tour, with hopes of doing an international tour soon, and is even writing a children’s book.

If you want to keep up to date with all things Zander Michigan be sure to visit his website, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook pages.