3 Local Aphrodisiacs to Try This Valentine’s Day

By: Karen Dybis | February 13, 2019
couple covering faces with bundle of balloons isolated on red

Valentine’s day is here! Might I suggest some new ways for you and your partner to connect? You can still have your traditional date night or weekend getaway, but what about trying some new ways to spice things up on this national day of love. There are many foods that are aphrodisiacs, that we are surrounded by everyday. You can even find some of them in your own kitchen. So sit back, relax and try out some of these steamy ways to connect with your partner. You’ll thank me later.

Start the Day With Coffee
Coffee is one of those items that revs everything up! The libido to be exact. Both men and women are helped by the effects of the coffee bean stimulant in more ways than one! So, start the day early with a cup of joe from Narrow Way Coffee located on Fashion Avenue in Detroit. While you are there grab some coffee scrub to keep in the shower!

Relax and Eat Strawberries
All week your honey has been stressed due to work and family life, so you have planned a secret weekend getaway. When you pack snacks for the trip, be sure that you don’t forget the strawberries. These sweet berries will have you and your partner breathing easy throughout the evening by providing the necessary antioxidants from Vitamin C.  Strawberries are not in season right now for Michigan but don’t worry you can pick some up from Alpine Chocolate Haus. Grab some whipped cream while you’re at it.


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Egg Your Honey On
There is nothing like a good omelette made perfectly to your liking. Eggs give off good dietary cholesterol which is needed for healthy fats and testosterone levels.  You and your honey can head to Afternoon Delight  in Ann Arbor and grab some fantastic omelettes for breakfast. Don’t feel like leaving the house? Make your honey breakfast in bed, I’m sure the morning will be delightful.