3 Ways to Give Back on International Charity Day

By: Karen Dybis | September 5, 2018
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What is International Day of Charity? It’s a day that serves as the ultimate day of  servitude. Every day can be used as a charitable day but this week, it is official! We all have a social responsibility to make the quality of life around us better. What better way to do that than through giving back to a charitable cause. International Charity Day is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for upcoming charity events or organizations in your area. Where do you start? I’m glad you asked! 

If you have an hour in your schedule, please don’t hesitate to volunteer at your local organizations. United Way of Southwest Michigan is a great start. Today, United Way is holding the September Learn United Tour event. This event is specifically for those interested in volunteering with the youth in the community. Volunteers will make sure children receive healthy meals all year-around and assist High School students with all the tools they need to move to their next step in life.

You can donate more than money, you can donate some of your things such as books, clothes and/or household items. You can also donate some of your time. Why not do that at Vista Maria? Located in Dearborn this organization works with girls that are considered at-risk. Take a look at this program: Vista Maria Reads. Not only can volunteers spend time reading, they can also donate book every month as it is supported by your special donations. Donations from community partnerships, churches and civic groups are also what fuels this program.  

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Organize an Event
With the fall among us and school being officially back in session, this would be a good opportunity to create a tutoring event at your local school. Or you can create a farmers maket in your neighborhood as the gardening season is coming to a close and assist with feeding the less fortunate. With organizing comes a bit more leg work, but you can also join a group of friends and make a difference in your community. Look at  Detroit Food Policy Council or Enjoy Detroit.

How are you observing International Charity Day? We want to hear all about it!  Follow us on Facebook and leave comment on our page.