Animal Rescues Provide Second Chances And Forever Homes

By: Kate Chidester | November 26, 2012
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In my opinion, there really is nothing better than coming home to a wagging tail. No matter what type of animal you prefer, one common denominator holds true; our pets are members of the family.

I recently decided it was a good time in my life to expand my household size and adopt a dog. I knew I could not only provide one of the less fortunate animals who wound up in a shelter with a happy and loving forever home, but also fill the void I was feeling without a pet.

Throughout my quest for a new companion, I started to learn more and more about animal rescues in southeast Michigan. As it turns out… there are quite a few! One of my Internet searches in particular returned a non-profit organization that caught my attention, Last Day Dog Rescue.

LDDR focuses on rescuing from shelters that not only euthanize animals, but also sell them for research purposes. They do not discriminate against dogs based on age, color, breed, or size. What’s even more, the rescue is run ENTIRELY on a volunteer basis.

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After scaling the LDDR website, I decided to fill out an application. When I was contacted a few days later to schedule my home visit, I admit I was a little bit nervous. These volunteers are fully committed to making sure each and every animal finds a forever home… so what if my home wasn’t up to par? Chrissa Swanson, an LDDR volunteer, came to my house and she was exceptionally nice. She asked me some pretty essential questions, including why I wanted to adopt. After we talked for a bit and I showed her around my home, I was approved!

Once my home visit was over I knew I wanted to learn more about this rescue. I contacted Chrissa about my curiosities and she put me in touch with Kathy Caulfield, a member of the LDDR Board of Directors.

When I asked Kathy why LDDR was founded she explained to me that Debbie Rowan and Pam Peterson, co-founders of LDDR, were both working for another rescue several years back and were not happy with the way it was being operated. Both ladies did not care for the selectiveness of how their former rescue decided which animals would be saved. At that point, Debbie and Pam decided they wanted to form their own organization for the dogs that truly were on their last day. I find it pretty important to make mention of the fact that LDDR is now providing adoption services for cats too!

“We take in all types of dogs. Young, old, healthy, sick. We take in all the dogs others did not,” said Caulfield. “We also ask for the dog back if for any reason they (adopters) are not able to keep them forever… we promise our dogs they will never see the inside of a shelter!”

After meeting with Chrissa and getting in contact with Kathy, I feel more certain than ever about my decision to adopt.  Because I am still on my quest for the perfect pup, I have decided to attend the “Meet Your Best Friend” event happening this weekend, September 22 and 23, at the Detroit Zoo. The event is hosted by the Michigan Humane Society and the Detroit Zoological Society, along with several other animal welfare organizations (including LDDR). Attending the event itself is free to the public and will feature dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Honestly, I can hardly contain my excitement for this weekend’s adoption event! As much as I know that adopting a dog is going to change my lifestyle… the thought of providing an animal with a second chance at a wonderful life trumps the thought of morning walks in our bitter cold Michigan winter weather. Every time I step foot through my front door to see that wagging tail, I will smile and know I made the right decision to add a new member to my family.