Attack Hunger: Help Feed Metro Detroiters in Need

By: Amber Ogden | September 1, 2015
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Making a difference in your own community can have a huge impact, especially when it comes to fighting hunger in Metro Detroit. One such organization, Attack Hunger, is doing everything it can to eradicate hunger throughout the city, and it needs your help.

Founder Mike Ash began Attack Hunger in 2011. The premise is this: for every bundle sold at the Rust Belt Market or festival where Attack Hunger appears, a food bundle gets donated to one of three benefitting charities: Alternatives for Girls, The YWCA Interim House or Detroit Rescue Mission.

Each food bundle contains two granola bars, trail mix and a bottle of water. When money donations are given, 100 percent of it goes to purchasing food for the “food bombs.”

Attack Hunger T-shirts are also sold at Ferndale’s Rust Belt, and for $20, your purchase will give five bundles (of 10 granola bars, five trail mixes and five bottles of water) to someone in need.


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“As it stands, according to Feeding America, they have the most current information on the subject of hunger in certain areas, (and) it says that 1 in 5 children suffer (from hunger),” Ash said. “I’d like to, at very least, put a big dent in that.”

Those interested in lending a hand to the plight of hunger in Detroit can get involved by transporting food or making a donation to organizations that distribute it.

“(People) can volunteer at their local food banks, hold food drives with their businesses or church groups and community groups, or just donate directly to the shelters and kitchens and missions all over the city,” Ash said.

In addition to the food bundles and T-shirts, Attack Hunger sells local arts and crafts on its official website, When you purchase a piece of jewelry or an oil painting by a local artist, 20 percent of their sales goes directly to food for the organization.

If you would like to make a contribution, contact Ash directly at