Best Metro Detroit Parks and Places to Play in the Snow

By: Karen Dybis | January 24, 2022
Best Places to Play in the Snow

If anything is guaranteed in Metro Detroit, it is the fact that snow will fall and cover the city parks, play scapes and hills. That means lots of possible playtime for families who are interested in having fun and exploring the Great Outdoors at the same time. 

The list of age-appropriate things families can do together in the snow feels seemingly endless: Sledding, snowboarding, snowball fights, snowshoeing and ice skating if available. There is no better way to burn calories (for the parents) and burn off energy (for the kids) than enjoying the snowy Michigan weather during these colder months.

To that end, here is a list of places in addition to the many metro parks around the area that offer outdoor activities, planned events and spur-of-the-moment good times for kids ages one to 101. Most of these parks are open to the public free of charge; in rare cases, like the metro parks, there may be a day fee or a one-time annual fee. Call ahead to check. 

Remember to bring all necessary equipment for outdoor fun. This includes everything from snow pants to mittens to ski masks as well as sleds, ice skates and snowshoes. There may be a few parks that offer rentals as well as refreshments–some even have heated bathrooms–but most of these parks will be without personnel on site, especially on the weekends.

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One more warning: Adult supervision for these snow-time activities is suggested and likely the best idea all around for safety and a good time for everyone in your party. Bring masks if you are concerned about coronavirus as well. 

Balduck Park

Detroiters know this park well and the rest of Metro Detroit has woken up to how great of a wintertime wonderland it can be. There are lots of great hills for sledding and wide open spaces to explore so that any kid with cabin fever can walk until their feet are frozen–or, perhaps, until they are ready for a hot chocolate treat. 

Booth Park Sled Hill

If you want a longer drive and some great scenery, then check out this Birmingham park and sled hill area. What makes it great is the location of the playscape and hill for sledding–they are right next to one another, which is ideal for smaller kids. With the playground at the foot of the hill, you can have your pick of activities and you won’t have to go far to explore everything Booth Park has to offer.


Ambassador Park Bunny Hills

The name says it all–if you want an easy-to-manage outdoor play place, then Ambassador Park with its smaller hills and wide spaces is the place for your family. You can enjoy all seven acres in one afternoon with lots of area to make snow angels and play on the play structures. There’s also an ice rink if weather allows. 

Cass Benton Park

Northville is a perfect downtown, and you can enjoy some outdoor activity before heading into the shops and restaurants for a rest. Cass Benton Park is a wonderful outdoor play place because of its easy-to-access hills as well as its picnic shelter and play structure. If you want to get the kids out to explore some nature, there also are lots of beech and oak trees. 

Bloomer Park Sled Hill

Rochester Hills has lots to do and see, but head to Bloomer Park first to explore the sledding. There are three different sledding hills with pathways so it is easy to get there from the car and from hill to hill. If you want to try something new, Bloomer Park also has tobogganing on the hill. One of the biggest bonuses of this location is that it normally has something other parks do not, and that is the beauty of heated bathrooms. There typically is a small entry fee for this park, so call ahead if you have questions.