Building Up Students with Junior Achievement

By: Aaron Segel | May 18, 2018
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Inside the Quicken Loans JA Financial Park in Detroit sits a miniature business district that looks a bit like a small mall or downtown, but instead of commerce, it’s actually being used to educate kids about finance, business, and workforce opportunities. The location is the home base for the Southeast Michigan branch of Junior Achievement, a nonprofit whose mission is to prepare and inspire students to succeed in the global economy. Their nonprofit focuses on working with school programs to enhance their curriculum.

But it’s not all numbers!

In addition to focusing on personal finances and the business side of entrepreneurship, they also bring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related programing. These programs take science, math, and even art, and apply them to real-world situations. In addition, they are operated by volunteers from the very industries the day’s program represents. This brings in real-world experiences, as well as giving students the chance to meet and network with industry professionals.

If you’d like to see your school participate in a Junior Achievement program, or if you or your company staff would like to volunteer and help educate Michigan’s youth, visit JA’s site for more information here.

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