ChowHound Charities: Help Our Four-legged Friends This Holiday Season!

By: Toni Cunningham | November 29, 2012
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It’s safe to make the generalization that many people choose to donate their time and money to a charitable cause around the holiday season. While organizations like The Salvation Army and local soup kitchens are wonderful causes, don’t forget about your four legged friends who are also in need.

Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be one of those dreadful Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty commercials in word form, so please read on.

ChowHound Charities, a Michigan non-profit organization, has a simple mission—to feed pets in need. In order to reach this goal, the Sterling Heights based charity holds food drive events in and around the Metro Detroit area in order to collect pet food donations.

Shana Kellogg, founder and director of ChowHound Charities, and her husband began the organization in 2010.

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Last year was the organization’s first operating year, and ChowHound hosted one holiday pet food drive benefitting the Michigan Humane Society.

“Approximately 3,400 pounds of dog and cat food resulted from the drive,” Kellogg said. “All proceeds went to the dogs and cats at MHS and just in time for Christmas!”

The organization will host a pet food drive over Thanksgiving weekend to kick off the 2012 holiday season. The event will take place Friday, November 23 through Sunday, November 25 at the PetSmart in Roseville, 20530 13 Mile Rd., and will benefit dogs and cats at the Michigan Humane Society.

An additional opportunity to help will be on Saturday, December 15 through Sunday, December 16, when ChowHound will hold a food drive at Pet Supplies Plus, Dearborn, 2621 S. Telegraph Rd., to benefit animals at the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

To do your part, you can bring an unopened bag or can of dog or cat food to either of the food drives. If you can’t make it, there are still plenty of other ways you can help hungry pets in the area through ChowHound.

Monetary donations can be made through the organization’s website. Your tax-deductible gift will then be used to purchase discounted pet food. If you’d rather get more actively involved, the organization is always looking for volunteers for its events.

“When you donate a bag of food to ChowHound Charities, you know exactly where your donation is going and how it will be used. Your bag of food will be loaded on a truck and driven directly to dogs and cats who need it the most, and who without that bag, may go hungry,” Kellogg said.

Help out a furry friend in need this holiday season by lending a helping hand (or paw) to ChowHound Charities!