Covered in Clutter? Check Out These Home Organization Tips

By: Karen Dybis | August 4, 2021
Home Organization

Photo Courtesy of Life Organized.

If you feel like your house is drowning in clothing, paperwork and toys, then you’re likely unorganized – something that affects nearly every household from time to time. In Metro Detroit, there are many organizing companies that would love to help you find your way out of the clutter and into a space that you can completely use. 

Home organizing has become a big business over the past decade. There are huge national home-organizing stars who have special product lines, television shows and millions of fans. One prime example is the two women who run The Home Edit – they have a show on Netflix, a product line at The Container Store and their Instagram following for their rainbow-colored organizing schemes is around 5.4 million people, including major celebrities such as Reece Whiterspoon. 

Internationally, there are home organizers such as Marie Kondo who have created huge sensations through unique techniques. Kondo’s KonMari efforts sparked debate both when she wrote a book and when her Netflix show came out about whether you can own more than a handful of books and whether all of your possessions should “spark joy.”

Even HGTV and others have gotten into the act with shows such as “Hot Mess House,” with organization expert Cassandra Aarssen who helps people determine what kind of “Clutterbug” they are and what their organizational style is. In other words, home organization has become a massive buzz word and trend. 

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In Metro Detroit, Life Organized is helping individuals, families and businesses get organized and design functional spaces. Whether moving into your first home, relocating, growing a family, changing your seasonal decor, downsizing or settling an estate, organizing an office, boat or anything else you can dream up, Life Organized says it is ready to help.


The two women behind Life Organized are Tracy Gusmano and Libby DeCoste. They say summer is a fantastic time to organize because families are typically under much less stress than they are during the school year.

“There is usually more time to spend with children or other family members to help them understand the family focus, goals, reasons for the goals, and establishing new habits,” Gusmano said. 

Families are especially prone to the stress that surrounds being rushed. When families are organized it automatically cuts down on stress and wasted time.

“When everything in your life has a place and everyone knows where things can be found, it helps with daily home maintenance, and also makes leaving the house to go to all the fun summer activities much simpler. As an added bonus, it also naturally encourages independence in even the youngest members of the family,” DeCoste said. 

The most important step in starting any organization project would be to sort out everything in the space you are working in. Once you know exactly what you have and how much you have it makes the next step much easier, the duo said. 

“After everything is sorted the purging can begin. Do all the shoes still fit? Do all of the goggles work? When everything you have is staring you straight in the face, it is easier to make good decisions,” Gusmano said. “Purging does not necessarily mean throwing things away. Many purged items can go on to find a new usefulness in another home. Consider donating anything in good condition to a charity of your choice.”

Getting a few products at a dollar store, big-box retailer or organizing shop are a great place to start. Here’s what Life Organized recommends:

  • “We are huge fans of matching, clear bins. When bins match, spaces will look more organized. If you use random bins or bins in several different colors, your space will have a tendency to look more unorganized.”
  • “Matching clear swivel hangers make laundry so much easier. No more worrying about making sure the clothes are put on the right way! The clear color keeps your space streamlined.”
  • “Lazy Susans are a big hit in pantries and other hard to reach areas. They will keep you from digging behind other items, especially when you’re in a hurry.”
  • “Labels may sound simple, but even families with the youngest of children will find labels helpful. They are essential to helping get items back to their places. Try making a picture label if you have a pre-reader in your family. Get your children involved at a young age for life-long good habits.”
  • “We all have strengths and weaknesses in life. Keep challenging yourself to cut down on clutter and items you are storing just in case you need them one day,” DeCoste said. “Be realistic with what you truly need and practice generosity when you have an opportunity to let something go. It’s also important to know when you’ve hit a wall. If true organizing isn’t your strength, call in helpers. In the long run with helpers, you’ll save time and money because you won’t be out searching for the wrong organizing products for your space.”