D: hive – Committed to the Growth and Success of Detroit

By: Toni Cunningham | December 26, 2012
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Whether you happen to be in the market for business, pleasure, or possibly a move to Downtown Detroit… D: hive wants to help you! Knowing all that Detroit has to offer, but understanding that it can often be tricky to navigate, D: hive serves to be your own personal introduction to the city of Detroit.

The organization currently offers two different programs that connect job seekers with opportunities in Detroit, according to Alex Prouhet, resident at D:hive.

“Detroit Wants You” allows D:hive to share job opportunities from a variety of industries with the citizens of Detroit. “Intern in Michigan” is perfect for students, as it is a free resource that connects undergrads with internship opportunities. While both of these programs feature a broad spectrum of talents and backgrounds, D:hive will soon unveil a new program focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

All of D:hive’s housing resources can be found online, so the services are always accessible. Such helpful tools include a Twitter feed of available housing options, a city map and neighborhood information, a monthly free tour of residential options, a video series and more.

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By using the D:hive Twitter feed (@DhiveLIVE), you’ll find apartments, rooms and houses for rent right at your fingertips. If you’re looking for something in particular and don’t see it, tweet your 140-character message directly to D:hive and they’ll find it for you. In addition, the D:hive Facebook group is the perfect place to find a roommate or simply discuss the great aspects that living in Detroit has to offer.

Jeanette Pierce, Director of Community Relations at D:hive, said that there is a high demand for living in the Greater Downtown area right now, and that D:hive is making a huge contribution to the positive change the city of Detroit is experiencing.

As a lifelong Detroiter, Pierce, along with everyone else at D:hive, enjoys sharing her passion with others so they can gain an insider’s perspective of the city. She says that one of the best parts of living downtown is the feeling of knowing one’s neighbors and being involved in the community.

“I know the owners of the shops and restaurants. We have a sense of community in Detroit that is unique. You can be part of something bigger here,” Pierce said. “To sum it up, Detroit is big enough to matter in the world, but small enough where you can matter in it.”

And what better way to strengthen that sense of community? By engaging in the community. D:hive offers several ways to accomplish just that, whether you’re searching for ways to volunteer, planning to attend an event, or join a new organization.

If you’re looking for the best lunch spot , a great bar, or a tour of Downtown Detroit, D:hive has an answer. Their passion lies in helping you embrace Detroit in your own way so that you are able experience everything the city has to offer.To get more information, visit the Welcome Center at 1253 Woodward Avenue, Detroit or go to http://dhivedetroit.org/live.

“D:hive is a resource and connection hub for anyone looking to live, work or engage in Detroit,” Pierce said. “By providing information, connections and key tools, we help people get the most out of living, working and engaging in the city.”