DCFC Highlights Small Businesses with Small Biz City

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 4, 2020
Small Biz City

Photo Courtesy of Detroit City Football Club.

Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and the Detroit City City Football Club are coming together to shine a light on Detroit’s small business communities.

Last week, DCFC announced on its Facebook page the start of the Small Biz City series. This offseason the club and the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers will be highlighting small businesses that make Detroit special. 

Each week the club will post videos and interviews with small business owners telling their unique stories. Fans will also be able to win gift cards to the highlighted businesses by commenting and sharing the posts from DCFC’s Facebook page.

DCFC is thankful for the overwhelming support that the Detroit community has shown them, so they wanted to rally behind retail shops and restaurants that might be hit hard by this pandemic. Sean Mann, co-owner of the club, knows that DCFC started as a small business in Detroit and it was the community that got them through those first few years.

“We grew up out of the small business movement in Detroit, so we thought it was important to use our offseason to highlight small businesses in the city and use our platform to expose people to great businesses,” Mann said.

The first business highlighted in the series was Oloman Cafe in Hamtramck. The coffee shop is far from your normal cafe as it features an art studio, gallery, and outdoor patio for people to come share ideas, art, and conversation. Hamtramck’s diverse population and strong art culture are what inspired owner Zlatan Sadikovic to open the unique coffeeshop.

“Hamtramck has plenty of different types of businesses, but not too many coffeeshops. It has a city feel but has a tight and diverse community,” Sadikovic said. “Coffeeshops are more than just coffee and I wanted to combine that with an art gallery.”  

DCFC will continue to highlight small businesses like Oloman Cafe for the next few months. You can also nominate small businesses to be a part of this series by going to DCFC’s website.

Be sure to follow DCFC’s Facebook page for all of the Small Biz City series posts along with other club updates.