Decorate Your Home with Furnishings From Local Stores

By: Toni Cunningham | January 27, 2014
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When it comes to home décor, everyone has his or her own personal style. Some go for a super modern look, while others fawn over mismatched teacups and all things vintage. Some people prefer cool colors while others gravitate toward warm, and plenty of people choose functionality over aesthetics.

There are plenty of ways to make a place your own, whether you’re just looking for a colorful rug to spruce up your dorm room or a few cozy pieces to make your first apartment feel more like home. Before you go on autopilot to the nearest foreign furniture outlet, take a look at the following local furniture and home décor stores that will have your place looking top notch in no time.

David Moroz of David Moroz Art Furniture crafts tables, lamps, cabinets, and more out of repurposed Michigan wood and other materials. Buy a coffee table from Moroz and you could be setting your cup of tea on wood acquired from an antique store or the side of the road.

You can purchase and customize your own piece of furniture by visiting Moroz at the Rust Belt Market, 22801 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, on Saturdays and Sundays. If you don’t trust my word, allow Moroz’s resume to speak for itself: he handcrafted all of the tables at Hamtramck’s Rock City Eatery, where you may or may not have enjoyed a delicious bowl of mac n’ cheese or craft cocktail.

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Hugh, located at 4240 Cass Ave., Detroit, sells “bachelor pad style” décor, meaning it’s got a masculine edge and is stocked with home items, bar accessories and more. When it comes to furniture, you’ll find pretty much everything you need to equip a living space: sofas, ottomans, accent tables, dining tables and chairs, bedroom sets, lighting and more.

As for home items, they’ve got everything from candles to dishes to a classy “WTF” pillow that would look great perched atop your bachelor pad bed.

At it’s start, Hugh began as a pop-up retail store, then opened up its storefront location in 2012 after taking the top prize at the inaugural Hatch Detroit contest. See, they’ve got credibility, too.

Dave Hudson of Hudson Industrial Furnishings makes furniture out of reclaimed wood and metal. If you take a look at Hudson’s gallery, you’ll see that he also works beverage crates and even car bumpers into his pieces. If you think you can find a cooler looking piece of furniture than any of those, please let me know.

Hudson’s work can be purchased on weekends at the Rust Belt as well.

Tootie & Tallulah’s, located at 2816 Coolidge Hwy., Berkley, is a store that combines consignment, art and items for the home. This is a great store to visit if you’re looking to decorate on a budget—you can find great, gently used items for a reasonable price, as well as new ones.

Plus, they’ve got things in varying styles, so it’s not like walking into a store that just sells mod items or one that’s super hippy. Tootie & Tallulah’s sells everything from knickknacks to sofas.

They also carry original pieces by local artists, a sample of which can be viewed here.

Birch Wood, 470 Forest Ave., Plymouth, is a fairly new shop located in Downtown Plymouth, known for its home décor items. The first floor of the store is filled with clothing and gift items, while the furniture and home items are found upstairs.

Whether you’re looking for a new couch or just a candle for an end table, you’ll find both (and much more) at Birch Wood. The store is a distributor of Flexsteel Furniture, a well-known and durable brand.

Rock Paper Scissors, located at 216 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, has a pop-up location in Detroit in addition to the storefront. The store carries just about every house and home item you need: candles, frames, Michigan-themed items, wall art prints, wall hangings, lake and cabin items, pillows and throws and more.

Should you be lucky enough to own or rent property on a lake, how cute would this “on lake time” picture frame look on your table? Very cute.

If you look at only one thing on the site, let it be the Michigan Love section, where you’ll find artwork, throw pillows, drinking glasses and more.

After visiting one (or all) of the above furniture and home décor stores, your place will look like you hired a professional to design it for you. Plus, it will feature a homey, Michigan touch. What could be better?