Detroit Style Shop ‘Spectacles’ Features Latest Fashion Trends

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 21, 2020

Photo Courtesy of DCFC.

Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and the Detroit City Football Club are partnering up to highlight a local small business every week with the Detroit Small Biz City series. This week’s business is Spectacles, a retailer that offers one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and unique collectibles.

For the better part of three decades, Spectacles and its founder, Zana Smith, have helped Detroiters stand out from the crowd. The diverse collection of items reflects the diversity of the city. Smith wanted to offer Detroiters the latest styles whether it was for a night out, professional attire or just a general wardrobe upgrade.

Smith describes Detroit’s style as progressive with a lot of attention to detail, and that has made her store always feel fresh and new. She calls her boutique cutting edge, which started in the 90s when she had Spike Lee merchandise that no other store had. She paired that with items like expensive eyewear, designer jeans and exclusive brands Detroiters couldn’t find anywhere else.

Smith always envisioned opening a store in Detroit, especially downtown near the water. She’s always had great experiences with Detroit and Detroiters, so operating a store in the heart of the cityis a dream come true.

“My whole thought was that closer to the water was better and I wanted to live, work and play in Detroit,” Smith said. “Detroit is special in that we are like an international city being right next door to Canada.”

Smith also brings an international flavor by offering products from other countries, like leather bags from Ecuador. She added that her customers come to expect unique things that are exclusive to her store ranging from books and vinyls to joggers  and even special turtlenecks. 

“The store has grown just based on the consistency of being here for everyone,” Smith said. “We try to educate our customers, keep them entertained and keep them coming back.” You can explore everything Spectacles has to offer by visiting their website. For your chance to win a gift card to Spectacles, be sure to visit Detroit City FC’s Facebook page, and like and share the Spectacles Small Biz City post to be entered to win!