Discover Detroit on Two Wheels!

By: Karen Dybis | April 20, 2022

Detroit has more than 300 years of history, culture, music and entertainment within its borders, and learning everything you can about it can be challenging at best. The most interesting way to get knowledge and some miles under your belt is through a bike or walking tour of the Motor City, and there are many tour companies that do exactly that.

First things first: Determine what you want to see and what tour company is offering guides for that subject. If you want to see the city’s skyscrapers, there are many architectural tours you can enjoy. If you want to explore the inner workings of those same buildings or the automotive estates, there are some amazing behind-the-scenes tours available as well.

Next, if you want to ride your bike, look for tours that take you through interesting neighborhoods or commercial districts. Midtown Detroit or Eastern Market are great places to ride because the attitude is laid back and the roads are relatively flat. Plus, there are many places to stop for food along those routes. 

For a bike or walking tour, you’ll want to find out the approximate distance that you’ll be asked to walk or ride during that time. Depending on your fitness level, a nice mile-long stroll may be enjoyable but a five-mile, heavy-duty bike ride might be too much. If you are walking, have the right shoes for the job. If you’re riding a bike, make sure it is in shape and ready to roll. 

unhooking boat from silverado

Unleash the power of adventure with the Chevy Silverado's impressive towing capacity.

Finally, make sure you have ample funds for the excursion. Many of these tours are done through an individual or a tour company that will ask for a ticket to be purchased in advance. And remember to tip your guide!

Here are a few Detroit-centric tours you may want to try.


Jason Hall has founded some of the most interesting bike rides around Detroit. His latest effort, RiDetroit, came about in 2018. He can take you for pizza, for art or just around the neighborhoods he loves within the city. You can ride your own bike or rent an E-bike if you’re interested in sharing your day with a real Detroit expert.

The City Institute

Whether you want to get to know Detroit through its past or present, the well-educated guides at the City Institute are great choices. You can go on live tours or enjoy a recording of a live video stream as well. They cover everything from food to the Avenue of Fashion to music history to downtown Detroit and its architecture.   

City Tour Detroit

You can go with locals around the city to learn about its past, present and future with City Tour Detroit. These sightseeing tours are done on foot, but a van is available if your group would prefer. Check-in prior to the tour to determine whether you will need a mask to ride in the van.

Detroit History Tours

Everyone has fun when you go on a tour or use the Detroit History Tour app to check out the sights and sounds of Detroit. Detroit History Tours gives great insights into Detroit’s automotive history and delicious culinary past as well as architectural walking tours of some of the city’s most iconic structures.