DIY Street Fair Artist Confidential: Asher Panian

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 19, 2012
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Growing up in the heart of the automotive industry, Asher Panian could very well be the definition of a Motor City Artist. Until the closing of its doors in 2009, Panian’s family owned and operated the Joe Panian Chevrolet dealership where he was able to incorporate his love for artistic expression with that of his love for cars.

Throughout his years of schooling, he developed his artistic skills by studying his trade. “I took as many art classes in high school as possible studying everything from pencil drawing to silk screening, from watercolor to airbrushing,” said Panian. While attending Northwood University, Panian took courses in Automotive Marketing, Business Management and Advertising.

Fortunately for Panian, he was able to able to utilize his creative skills in a number of ways at the family dealership. From marketing to advertising to sales, he developed his business through personalized customization of vehicles. LuckyDevilDetroit, a Hot Rod and Custom Car Design business, was born and quickly propelled the Joe Panian Chevrolet Dealership’s notoriety in the custom car community.

“I was able to customize our inventory and personalize cars for customers, this process quickly became known as ‘Asherizing’,” noted Panian.

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Since the closing of the dealership, LuckyDevilDetroit has continued its success. At this time, the company is selling new and used cars, trucks and motorcycles.

“At LuckyDevilDetroit my friends Eric Stanford, Mike Freeze and I work with local builders to create unique Hot Rods and motorcycles, we will have two bikes on display at DIY this year that Mike Freeze built for LuckyDevilDetroit and a client,” Panian said.

Panian was asked to customize a corn hole game board for the 2012 DIY Street Fair in Ferndale happening this weekend. He took the opportunity to get his family involved in the venture, as he notes that his two daughters, Micha and Sascha, and his wife Martina are extremely talented and creative.

“My wife helped with the design concept and my girls grabbed some brushes… the project took about four days to complete and was very fun for all of us,” said Panian. “Since we live in a city of cars, I thought it would be appropriate to recognize this with a one of a kind game board. A simple design, yet colorful and fun!”

For a chance to see some of Panian’s artistic talent and what LuckyDevilDetroit is all about, visit the DIY Street Fair this weekend, where you can find him and his Chevy panel van set up near the library.