DIY Street Fair Artist Confidential: Jared Mark

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 19, 2012
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Leather is the name of the game. At least for Jared Mark. Most of us look at leather and see a bag or wallet, Mark on the other hand, sees the beginning stages of a work of art. His interest in leather came early in life when he started collecting antique baseball gloves.

“I have always loved working with leather, bringing it back to life and preserving it,” Mark commented.

During his high school years, Mark started creating wearable goods from pieces of scrap. “When I was 15/16 I started creating my own leather bracelets, wearing them to school and I have not stopped since. I can honestly say I get better with each piece I create,” stated Mark.

All of Mark’s custom made items are one of a kind. From purses to bracelets, dog collars to gun holsters, everything he makes is repurposed, reused and recycled…not to mention, made in the USA!

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Aside from the obvious material, leather, Mark prefers to use industrial items such as wire, hinges and steel for his pieces. He enjoys taking them and making them look new again through repurposing. He is a true believer in the idea that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so he frequently shops at estate sales and thrift stores to find items that he can use for his creations.

“I like taking anything people may perhaps think is junk and turning it into art!” he remarked.

Currently Mark is working on completing his website, for additional ways to order his works of art. For now he is selling them primarily at shows such as the DIY Street Fair and Arts, Beats and Eats. You can also email him for custom order inquiries at

“I am as passionate as one can be about what I do. I want everyone to enjoy the quality, artistic nature and fun loving approach I have when working with leather. I truly hope one day the world is able to enjoy what I do,” concluded Mark.