DIY Street Fair Artist Confidential: Jean Peplinski

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 19, 2012
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For Jean Peplinski, artistic expression is in her blood. With her mother sewing all of her clothes as a child and creating little businesses showcasing everything from country knickknacks to porcelain dolls, she was surrounded by creative energy growing up.

“Every holiday,my favorite gift was an “art box” – a plain shirt box that my mother had filled with paper, crayons, paints, glue, etc,” said Peplinski.

Thanks in part to her current love for rockabilly/pinup culture, Peplinski is expressing her artistic talents through the creation of wearable hand-sewn fashion accessories that add a little touch of retro to a modern look.

When asked what she felt was special about her designs, Peplinksi replied, “Most of my materials were once part of something else: primarily vintage and thrift clothing but sometimes upholstery, décor, and even old toys!” She added that she tries to infuse humor and whimsy into each of her pieces. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find a Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle cap as the centerpiece to a delicately hand stitched flower.

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Shortly after college, she really started to take interest in artists using traditional crafting techniques. The modern feel and use of humor drew her in, but she was taken at the idea that she could create things that were useful in everyday life.

“That’s what really appeals to me… taking a basic boring thing that we use all the time and making it surprising, fun, and unique,” added Peplinski. To add to the unique feel of her pieces, she tries to use vintage and thrift garments as much as she can.

Peplinski is working on building her hair accessory business, Planet Pinup, which she started less than one year ago. Her accessories are currently being sold on Etsy at

You can also purchase her items at fundraisers and craft shows throughout the area and she is working to secure a booth for the holidays at the Rustbelt Market in Ferndale. For more information on Peplinski’s accessories you can visit her Facebook page or visit her twitter page – (@PlanetPinupShop).