Drive Away Hunger with Truckloads of Hope

February 29, 2024
canned food, pastas, and more in boxes

Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers welcome back Truckloads of Hope this March!

If there’s one thing Metro Detroiters know, it’s the importance of community. We look after the well-being of our neighbors, supporting those who can use extra help. That’s why this month, the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers welcomes back Truckloads of Hope – a food donation drive designed to drive away hunger. This endeavor aims not just to feed the hungry, but to bring the community together for a cause that touches many lives.

Throughout March, all 38 Metro Detroit Chevy Dealerships will welcome donations of non-perishable food items that will be delivered to 20 different local food pantries throughout Metro Detroit, including the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Non-perishable items are crucial for food pantries as they have a longer shelf life and can help provide a steady supply of food to those in need. From canned vegetables and fruits to pasta, proteins, and cereals, every donation can make a difference in someone’s life. Every contribution, big or small, helps ensure that local food pantries are well-equipped to support those in need, not just during this month but beyond. 

The goal is simple: help improve the lives of the people who call Metro Detroit home.

“Access to food should not be taken for granted, said John Fox, MDCD President. “All of our dealerships are here to help. We just hope that our local communities will join us in providing Truckloads of Hope to everyone in need.” By coming together, the Metro Detroit area can make a significant impact in the fight against hunger.

truckloads of hope food drive flyer

Luckily, with 38 dealerships to choose from, donating is quick, easy, and right in your own neighborhood.

The best way to celebrate your community is to be a part of making it better. Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are here to lead the charge. Want to get involved? Check out the list below for the items most needed at local food banks. 

Together, we’re doing what it takes to drive away hunger. 


Macaroni & Cheese

Crackers – Saltines

Ramen Pride Soups

Chicken Noodle/Rice Soups – Low Sodium

Canned Vegetables

Low-Sugar Canned Fruits

Canned Ravioli/Spaghetti O’s

Canned Chili – Low Sodium (if possible)


Pasta Sauces

Canned Proteins; ie. Tuna, Chicken, Beef Stew


Granola Bars or Similar Snacks