The Empowerment Plan: Making an Impact in the Homeless Community

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 28, 2016
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More than 550,000 people experience homelessness on a given night in the United States and roughly 10,000 live in Michigan. The Empowerment Plan wants to change that.

As a Detroit-based nonprofit organization, The Empowerment Plan works to provide employment to homeless people in the form of making coats that can transform into sleeping bags. These coats are then handed out to those without shelter and in need of warmth and comfort. Since its foundation in 2012, The Empowerment Plan has made employment the cornerstone of its mission through job readiness programs and support services that help its employees with housing, childcare, and transportation needs. Since starting, not a single person has returned to homelessness after being hired by The Empowerment Plan.

Not only helping those in need but also creating a solution for homeless communities is what makes The Empowerment Plan a Chevy Detroit Champion.

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To find out more, or donate to The Empowerment Plan, visit