Fall Into These 5 Fitness Regiments

By: Karen Dybis | September 26, 2018
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Chili cook offs, pumpkin spiced lattes, leaves changing color and brisk days are all a sign that fall is here. You showed out all summer long with your fitness results from last winter and stayed consistent right!? Well you have to keep it going and implement a fall regiment. So now, with you wanting to stay cozy inside, it’s time to switch it up and get the heart racing. These 5 fitness regiments are sure to make you sweat!

Meal Prep
If you are meal prepping not only are you setting yourself up for a successful week; but you are less likely to fall off the healthy train for the week. You can also sleep in a few extra minutes under your warm blankets and not have to worry about making your meal the morning of. Try out Clean Plates located in Ferndale, MI. They will get you all set up for the week. You can also cut your grocery bill, while meal prepping and eat well by going to your local fruit market.

Fall Fitness Challenge
You can be a part of a fitness challenge anywhere. You can start one at work for the month of October and November leading up to Thanksgiving. Or gather a team and get prepared for a race such as Pumpkinfest 5k Run  located in South Lyon. You can even get the family involved and make it competitive.

Whether you're going out on a fishing trip, discovering new hiking spots, or heading out for a weekend of camping, the Trailblazer is an ideal companion for your active lifestyle.

Learn from the Kiddos
Take a lesson out of the children play book; school is back in session and they are learning. You can learn a new workout too. Take a boxing class at Jabs Gym , jump into a Zumba class at The B.O.M.B or even a Hip Hop Spin class at CycleBar.  You are never to old and it is never too late to learn a new skill. Bring the kids to get them involved too.

Get Outdoors
It’s not as hot outdoors now, so you can layer up and get in a run or brisk walk. It’s the perfect time of year to hit a local hiking trail like Morton taylor Trailhead. You can also get the kiddos and pets involved by taking them for a walk in a pumpkin patch or cider mill and get your steps in all at the same time.

Sweat it out at Home
Scheduling a workout in the fall is a bit more bothersome with school schedules, holiday time and shorter days. The fall television lineup of your favorite shows are starting soon too, so why not get a good sweat on at home. Between commercial breaks plank or jack it out. Or stream a fitness workout right to your living room and get in a quick 20 sweat session.