Get Fit: Pilates Classes & Studios in Metro Detroit

By: Amber Ogden | February 13, 2015
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Exercising during the winter can be tough: it’s too cold to go for a run outside (unless you’re one of those crazy, I mean dedicated, folks), and exercising indoors can get monotonous. When it does, that just means it’s time to switch up your routine or look for something new to try!

When that happens, I’d suggest taking a Pilates class. Developed by Joseph Pilates, it’s a great core workout that will leave you sweating and feeling it the next day. It can also be done indoors, so you won’t have an excuse no matter the weather or season!

If you’re looking for somewhere local to try Pilates, head to one of the following studios in Metro Detroit:

Core Sport Studio, 829 Penniman Ave., Plymouth, is located in downtown Plymouth and offers a variety of different classes that will help strengthen and tone your abs, legs, arms and back.

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A class list can be found online, and you can sign up for Bosu Cardio & Abs (a 55-minute class that will help you burn up to 800 calories), Pilates Mat Class (floor exercises focused on the core) or Pilates Tour Group Class (which will help you improve your mat work with the help of an apparatus).

If you’re new to the studio, be sure to check out the one-month trial offer online for $99, which includes one 90-minute introductory session, two semi-private sessions and four group classes.

Pilates and Barre Studio, 37696 Hills Tech Dr., Farmington Hills, offers all things Pilates, from private lessons to group classes to semi-private equipment classes. This is a great place to get in a private lesson, or take a Pilates mat class as a group.

For those of you who really want to get serious about Pilates, consider taking a Train Like a Trainer class, where you can workout alongside a trainer on the equipment. The class is offered on Mondays at 6 p.m. (by appointment only) and costs $18.

There are plenty of offers for new clients, including a 30-day introductory package, which includes one private appointment, one equipment class with instructor Julie and 30 days of unlimited mat and barre classes. First timers can also take advantage of an introductory private appointment for $45.

Great Pilates Now, 47144 Northgate Dr., Canton, is just that—great! This studio is not only based locally, but offers streaming videos online that you can subscribe to and use on your own time. That means, if it’s snowing and you still can’t convince yourself to drive down the street to the studio, you can still get your workout in.

Owner Judy Farmer is a certified Pilates and wellness coach, and she’ll get you on the fast track to fitness, with an initial consultation (either via Skype, telephone or in person), coaching emails and encouragement. Memberships cost $19.95 per month, and yearly memberships are also available.

If you’re a member of Judy’s online classes, you can attend one of her studio Pilates classes in Canton for free per week! Otherwise, drop-in classes cost $10 and last 50 minutes long.

Equilibrium Studio, 6405 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills, is a Stott Pilates® licensed training center. What does that mean, exactly? While Joseph Pilates’ style of exercise focuses on keeping the spine straight, the Stott method utilizes the curvature of the spine.

There are plenty of Pilates classes offered at Equilibrium, including Power Mat Work (which uses foam rollers and fitness circles), Pilates Reformer (a Pilates workout with equipment) and Healthy Backs: Reformer (great for those with back pain).

The weekly schedule is posted online, where you can sign up for classes and see which instructor is leading a particular session. There are tons of different client packages, including an intro to Pilates package, which includes three private sessions, seven studio classes and one group equipment reformer class, all for $174.99.

S.C.S. Pilates Connection, 29040 Harper Ave., St. Clair Shores, also offers Stott Pilates® equipment along with certified instructors. If you’re the kind of person who gets bored with exercise, you won’t get bored with Pilates, and the fine folks at the Pilates Connection will remind you of what the studio’s website states if you start to whine—there are over 500 different Pilates exercises to choose from, so switch it up!

There are all sorts of Pilates classes offered here that will strengthen your bod and correct your posture, including Barre Classes, Cardio Reformer (which combines reformer exercises with cardio moves involving a trampoline) and TRX (a suspension system that will build endurance while strengthening the core).

Prices and packages can be found here, and an introductory private package is available, either in the form of three private sessions (for $135) or a Pilates combo package (for $330).

If you’re looking for a great exercise that will tone your entire body and really work your core, Pilates is it. There are a number of fantastic Pilates studios in the Metro Detroit area where you can learn the ins and outs of Joseph Pilates’ teachings. Remember his famous words while you’re practicing: “In 10 classes you will feel the difference, in 20 classes you will see the difference, and in 30 classes you will have a whole new body.”