Get Renewed for Spring at The Schvitz

By: Amber Ogden | March 27, 2019
Sauna equipment

Spring is officially here, with a chilly crispness in the air. So, you open your windows and start spring cleaning your home, but what about spring cleaning your health as well? That’s right spring cleaning for your mind, body and spirit is also needed. What better way to reinvigorate yourself than visiting The Schvitz. The Schvitz has been making things steamy since 1930. It’s a home away from home and a perfect pace to jumpstart your re-entry into spring. Here, members and guests alike can get world-class treatment from heat therapies and holistic healings. Check out these five reasons to visit The Schvitz this spring.

Rid Your Body Of  (Winter) Tension
Get rid of the winter tension in you body. Steam and heat will relieve the body of its day to day tensions. One of the best benefits of sitting in a steam room, is that it helps with joint pains by relaxing all the muscles.

Remove the Toxins
In the winter we usually hibernate and our bodies literally hold onto everything causing stress, weight gain and extra baggage. The heat from the sauna will help you sweat all of that out and release all your winter waste.

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Healthy Skin
Being in the house during winter months, the skin is screaming for the sun. Steaming will help the skin release all of the winter impurities and get ready for spring. Your skin will glow in no time after a stay in one of the salt rooms.

Relieve the Stress
While your body is releasing tension, it is also releasing stress. Heat caresses the body and rejuvenates all at the same time. The sauna will help to release the so-called feel good emotions (aka endorphins).

Fellowship with Friends
It’s important to be alone and reset yourself. However with the sun out and birds chirping it’s just as important to spend quality time with friends. You and your friends can get healthy together! Sweat it out and make visits to The Schvitz a regular time to catch up with your buddy’s. After you sweat it out together, take a dip in the pool and come home refreshed.