High Intensity Interval Training

By: Karen Dybis | January 6, 2020
High Intensity Interval Training

Photo Courtesy of Counter Punch.

If you want to get fit and stay that way, finding an exercise routine that works for you and makes change is key to success. That is why High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has become so popular with fitness gurus near and far. 

High Intensity Interval Training is considered an effective way to work out and see results. Its goal is to help you burn off calories, eliminate fat and build muscle in short, effective bursts of exercise. 

The key to this is High Intensity. That means boosting your workouts to offer hard-core bursts of work. You need to go at your maximum potential with every set of reps. And you should keep this intensity short – think something like 30 seconds to 90 seconds on average. 

You should also look to do exercises that are focused on making changes in your body. That could be push-ups, kettlebells, dumbbells or others that will create muscles while pushing your heart rate up to an appropriate and safe rate.

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 Check in with a doctor before starting any new workout routine. You’ll also want to check in with a good workout facility and fitness trainer for ideas and routines to try if you want to incorporate HIIT into your everyday fitness routine. Fitness is something everyone should take seriously, and that means working out so you can feel your best. 

Here are some places in Metro Detroit that offer HIIT as well as other workout options.

The Fit Park 

This Ferndale workout facility describes itself as a “fitness community” where everyone is looking out for one another so they can get better together. They offer personal training as well as Fit Camps and Yoga. Newcomers are welcome, especially if you are open to a high-energy environment where you will be challenged with HIIT options as well as other intensive training. You can try a 15-minute wellness consultation as well to get started. 

Area45 Fitness 

This Troy fitness location focuses on HIIT through its trainers, specialized classes and real-time performance tracking. The pace is fast, but they work just as hard to make it fun. There are energy-centered lights, flooring and sound to make the training more effective and keep people coming back because of how engaged they feel. Area45 promises its HIIT efforts can help you burn as many as 1,000 calories in 45 minutes, so you know you’ll see change. 

Bikram Yoga Ferndale 

You probably have heard of hot yoga, but this Ferndale site brings its 90-minute sessions in 105 degree temps into HIIT territory. You’ll go through 26 postures in that time as well as breathing exercises that will keep you feeling centered. The heated room makes you muscles and ligament feel warm, which allows for deep stretching and prevents injury. It’s a nurturing environment that will make body and soul feel complete. 

Allegiance Gym 

Try something new with this Warren workout facility. You can learn everything from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts at this training site. The goal is to teach you discipline as well as rigor in your workout efforts. If you want to observe before jumping in, stop by for a visit. There are beginner as well as advanced classes in boxing, sparring, grappling and much more. 

CounterPunch Boxing & Fitness 

This Troy gym gives its patrons physical fitness and peace of mind through boxing. The trainers here teach technique, strength training, circuit training, HIIT as well as self-defense in a positive and fun environment. Kids also can get into the effort with special classes for them in boxing and kickboxing. Men and women workout together and in unique classes so you can learn at your own pace and with your own style.