It’s time to rethink the way you clean

By: Aaron B. Cohen | March 25, 2022

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to refresh. While the new year is when we make our resolutions, Metro Detroiters know it sometimes takes a little sunshine and blue sky to see those goals to fruition.

We all want to live healthier lives. Often, we associate that with improving our diet, our physical fitness. But there are other key components to leading a heath-centric lifestyle. One of them – often overlooked – is the importance of a clean living space.

What does clean really mean? Laundry, done? Surfaces, disinfected? Sure, that’s a start. What many fail to consider, however, are the products we use to accomplish those ends. The vast majority of name-brand cleaning supplies contain harsh, toxic chemicals. So while you may be eliminating the bacteria growing in your kitchen sink, you’re also introducing harmful chemicals directly into your family’s living space.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. In recent years, Metro Detroit has become host to a handful of companies that specialize in providing natural, good-for-you products that are both sustainable, and help create a space that is truly clean.

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Here are a few of our favorite green cleaning products and services around Metro Detroit:

Bee Joyful

With two locations in-state, and one in Metro Detroit (Dexter), Bee Joyful is quite literally a breath of fresh air. Their zero-waste shop introduces a revolutionary concept to the community – it’s the state’s first official “Refillery.”

Think about your current household products. For every bottle of cleaner, shampoo, etc., you’re left with exactly that – a bottle to be discarded. Bee Joyful is on a mission to eliminate all the excess packaging and to do it, they’ve introduced locals to a new business model. Bring your bottles from home, and fill them up with every imaginable sanitation/hygiene product imaginable. Best part of all? Everything is produced sustainably and good for your health.

They also sell a variety of interesting sustainable products, including a food wrapping product meant to replace traditional plastic or foil. These organic cloth wraps are coated in local beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin, requiring only the warmth of your hands to mold them perfectly around any bowl or food item. Best of all, they are easily washed with a little bit of soap and cold water. You’ll also find various types of bags, including the kind used to make your own nut and oat milk at home.

New to the DIY lifestyle? They’ve got you covered with classes on sustainability, food packaging, and homemade cosmetic products.


For those who prefer to do their shopping from home, Traverse City-based TrulyFree also offers refillable products, but through the mail. They stay fully stocked with supplies for laundry and home cleaning, and fill you up without wasting any unnecessary plastic. They also sell a unique, organic fruit and vegetable wash, designed to eliminate any harmful toxins that may be left on your produce following the fertilization process.

Walking Lightly

Like Bee Joyful, Walking Lightly prides itself on sustainable refilling stations for household products. Additionally, they offer elevated options in the cosmetics department, zero-waste decorative accessories, and even treats for your pets. Best of all, they offer delivery services that will bring their products right to your doorstep.

BeKind Detroit

Women-owned BeKind Detroit has garnered acclaim for its lifestyle products sold out of Ferndale’s Rust Belt Market. Along with graphic tees, metal (dishwasher-friendly) straws, and reusable silicone and cotton tote bags, their eco-sponge is a perfect, sustainable addition to your nightly dishes. Little things add up, and using a high-quality, environmentally-conscious product to clean and maintain your eating surfaces is a great start to shifting your perspective.

Housekeeping/Janitorial Services

If cleaning is hard to fit into your busy schedule, there are also companies that specialize in eco-friendly housekeeping. Friendly Eco Cleaning and Greener Method Cleaning and Restoration, offer unique services catered to your specific needs, whether it is your home, apartment or workspace. They use products that are verified safe, so you can enjoy the confidence of knowing you and your loved ones are getting the most out of your environment.