It’s Time For The Ultimate Basement Renovation

By: Aaron B. Cohen | March 9, 2022

You’ve always dreamt of it. The mythic, paradisiacal space where all your troubles give way to endless games of pool, a fridge stocked with cold beer, and your favorite team on the big screen TV. It’s something you’ve put off… “Maybe next year.” “Maybe when the kids leave for college.” “Maybe when I retire.”

What’s holding you back? Life’s too short to wait around for the good stuff. That’s why we’re declaring 2022 the Year of the Basement Renovation.

This is a space for you. And nobody knows you better than you know yourself. So it’s time to take stock of the things you value most and incorporate them into the most epic DIY project of your life. It’s time to build the ultimate rec room.

The Space

When addressing the space, consider your intention for its primary functions. Will you be watching sports on TV? Do you need room for games? Weights? What about a bar? If space is limited, you’ll have to prioritize the things that you consider most essential.

loading chairs

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Once that determination has been made, the real fun begins. Fortunately, Metro Detroit has you covered with retailers that provide everything you need to transform your dingy storage room into the stuff of legend. The venue where you and your friends can feel most comfortable.


The next step is furniture. No matter how you plan to use the room, you’re going to need a few basic items – a sofa, maybe a lounge chair, and some sort of table. Go for materials that wear well. These days, many furniture retailers offer stain-resistant options, ideal for kids, pets, and groups of middle-aged men watching football. If you’re balling on a budget, start with the item you envision making the most use of. 

If you’re interested in scoring something a little more unique, you can search your local online marketplace for old stadium seats and even benches from old bowling alleys.

For a great in-store option, check out Clawon’s Leon & Lulu, where you can find electric reclining chairs and a wide selection of sofas, plus a wide assortment of accessories and Detroit-centric decor to add your own touch of personal style.


Now is the fun part. This is your chance to live out the childhood dream. Billiard tables, ping-pong, dart boards, mini-golf set-ups… anything is possible. For the coolest billiard tables in town, check out LaBaron’s Billiards and Game Room Supply in Sterling Heights, Paramount Billiards in Wixom, or Zumburg Billiards in Dearborn Heights. For a selection of games and activities that goes far beyond just pool tables, check any of the five Allstate Home Leisure Stores located throughout Metro Detroit.

And don’t sweat the moving job. Each of these stores offers experienced movers who are expertly trained to place and assemble your purchase exactly where you want it. So you can focus on the important part, mastering your corner pocket combo.

Home Entertainment

In today’s day and age, perhaps the most important component of your man cave will be the entertainment system. Many believe that the home theater is a luxury that is out of the question, but as technology has improved, options have become increasingly affordable. Remember to consider your audio set-up as much as your video. A soundbar or surround-sound speakers can make a huge difference in your entertainment experience, especially when it comes to crowd noise during big games. Metro Detroiters love Paulson’s Audio & Video and Soundcheck for their selection of high-end equipment, prices that outdo the big box stores, and expert installation.

For a vintage touch, dust off your old record collection, and upgrade your turntable. Newer models even allow for BlueTooth syncing with external speakers, and some offer USB outputs so you can digitize your vinyl. You can find turntables online, but really, this is a purchase best made at a local record shop. Try Found Sound in Ferndale, Third Man Records in Detroit, or Detroit Record Club in Royal Oak.

The Bar

Last but not least, you’re going to determine your bar setup. This process will be totally dependent on space. If you’re lacking room, a simple bar cart can still provide everything you need to master craft cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Antique shops throughout Metro Detroit like Fred’s Unique Furniture & Antiques in Warren, Vintage Eastern Market in Detroit and Vogue Vintage in Ferndale are great places to score a one-of-a-kind statement piece to house your bottles and barware and to find corresponding stools and accessories. You might also find your luck at a local flea market, like the one every Sunday in Downtown Royal Oak.

If there’s room available, few things are cooler than a hand-built bar. You can go for a classic counter, or test your skills with a floating island. After the hard work is done, you’ll have a conversation piece built into the room. And eternal bragging rights.