Keeping the Water Turned On in Detroit Homes

By: Aaron Segel | January 16, 2018
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Everyone needs access to clean water. When you have the water supply shut off to your home, you not only lose drinking water, but also the functions of sanitary devices such as toilets and sinks. Should this happen, the sanitary issue isn’t confined to the home, but rather spreads out into the community. Additionally, many homes in Detroit haven’t yet been converted to forced-air heating, meaning that they have to rely on hot water for heat.

Should you find yourself in a shut-off emergency situation, you can call on Water Access Volunteer Effort (W.A.V.E.), which was formed to help Detroit homeowners maintain access to clean water. The organization is a volunteer-run nonprofit that can easily act in moments of need. With more control over funds, WAVE is able to distribute funds directly to water services to help those in emergency shut-off situations, making them true Chevy Detroit Champions.

For more information about WAVE, visit their website here.

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