Kids Hit the Green with The First Tee of Greater Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 18, 2018
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What does the game of golf and character building have in common? Well, the former can have a direct impact on the latter and no one knows that better than The First Tee of Greater Detroit.

On the surface, The First Tee of Greater Detroit works with kids from the ages of 7 to 18 to teach them about the game of golf, but it goes beyond that. They also instill life lessons and employ character building techniques throughout all of their programs.

One way they do this is through their “Nine Core Values.” Some of those values are honesty (the kids are responsible for keeping track of their own score), confidence (reminding the kids of their accomplishments even when they don’t always succeed) and judgment (deciding which club to use on the course is just as important as making decisions off the course, too).

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The goal of The First Tee is to show kids how much fun they can have playing golf while also teaching them values that they can take with them throughout the rest of their lives, on and off the course. Kids learn how to manage their emotions whether it is working through anger, pain or sadness. They learn how to use their mind to maintain control of their actions and learn the importance of family and friends and how to keep those healthy relationships.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in The First Tee of Greater Detroit, summer classes begin in July and fall classes begin in September. There is a registration fee typically associated with enrollment, but scholarship opportunities are available. All members are also permitted to borrow clubs as needed or they can purchase the clubs at-cost and trade them in as they grow older and remain in the program.

If you are a golfer yourself and are interested in becoming a coach or simply want to volunteer your time to the program in other ways, check out the volunteer page or get in touch with program director Lisa Woodcox.

What could be better than teaching kids how to play golf and seeing them grow into exceptional young adults? Check it out for yourself!