Let’s Get Planting! Garden Stores in Southeast Michigan

By: Aaron B. Cohen | June 28, 2021
Garden shops Michigan

When summer rolls around, Metro Detroit comes into full bloom. After several months of patiently waiting for the last signs of early morning frost to dissipate, it is finally time to dig in and plant the garden you’ve dreamt of all winter long. Whether you’re a complete novice or an expert looking to take your garden to the next level, all projects begin at the same place – the store. This year, check out one of these Michigan garden stores that will supply you with the resources to make the most of your green thumb.

Garden Central Inc.

Located in Berkley, Garden Central Inc. has everything you need to transform your property into a picturesque landscape. Along with flowers, trees and shrubs, gardening tools and outdoor furniture, they offer full-service installation and landscape design services. With 30 years of experience in the field plus a degree in landscape design, Scott Pittman and his team are ready to guide you to your dream garden.

English Gardens Florist

With six locations throughout Metro Detroit, this family-owned business is an easy, one-stop shop for your next gardening project. Locals appreciate their massive selection of flowers and the staff’s uncanny ability to diagnose problems with plants that aren’t growing as intended. Founded by three brothers in 1954, English Gardens has withstood the test of time and continues to provide the community with the knowledge and resources necessary to create spectacular landscapes.

unloading flowers in a silverado

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Eastern Market

Garden shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore. Nor should it cost an arm and a leg. At Detroit’s Eastern Market, you can soak in 125+ years of history while perusing through rows upon rows of gorgeous, highly-discounted flowers and plants. Because you’re dealing directly with the famers, you can be sure that your purchase contributes directly to the local economy. Many vendors accept Bridge cards, even further reducing prices to those who qualify. While you shop, be sure to check out the countless other products also sold at the market, including fresh produce, local honey and jams, artisan cheeses and hand-crafted jewelry. If you’re hungry, stop by Supino’s for one of the best pizzas in town or head over to Baker’s Keyboard Lounge for legendary soul food and live music.

Discount Hydro

For those looking to grow things year-round, Discount Hydro provides the means to sustain plant life when the summer fades. While they do sell outdoor gardening supplies, their specialty lies in the art of indoor hydroponics. If you’re new to the hobby, their staff will guide you through the ins and outs of hydroponic lighting and plant nutrition. Imagine the joy you will find from a beautiful indoor garden when the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts falling. 

Allemon’s Landscape Center

For three generations, Allemon’s has provided the city of Detroit with exceptional gardening products and services. You’ll find just about anything you need to craft your perfect landscape, but many are specifically drawn to their discounted, bulk sale of soil and mulch. It’s the perfect place to go if you intend to cover a substantial plot. Those with a green thumb are always quick to remind you that a quality garden begins with healthy soil. While dirt isn’t as pretty as what grows within, it is essential that you start with a solid foundation. Allemon’s has you covered.