Local Fitness in Your Home

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | April 6, 2020
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Coach Rebecca of Detroit Body Garage. Photo courtesy of Detroit Body Garage.

As all gyms and exercise studios have been mandated by the State of Michigan to close their doors, a lot of people have been left without their normal methods of staying in shape. That’s not to mention the financial hurt this has caused many of these businesses. In an effort to maintain their commitment to their members (or prospective members), many local gyms have adapted to the government order by publishing regular workout videos online via social media. From yoga to full-body workouts, stay in shape while you do your part and stay home during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to these Metro Detroit gyms and studios.

Detroit Body Garage

Detroit Body Garage

Coach Terra and “Coach” Luna from Detroit Body Garage. Photo courtesy of Detroit Body Garage.

In following the State of Michigan’s orders to close all non-essential businesses to slow the spread of COVID-19, Detroit Body Garage has closed its doors and canceled all classes for the month of March. However, they have amazingly decided to livestream different workouts from their coaches every day via YouTube where anyone can watch and participate from home live at 10 a.m. or later on-demand. They have been doing this since mid-March and plan to continue it so long as their doors remain closed to physical classes.

Detroit Yoga Lab

If yoga is more your speed, Detroit Yoga Lab is also uploading entire exercise routines to their YouTube channel for anyone to watch at home and follow along. All of their teachers will be recording themselves exercising at home and explaining each exercise as they go. While the videos are free to watch, Detroit Yoga Lab is asking for anyone that can donate to do so in order to support the teachers and staff making these videos available. Gift cards are also available and can be used for future yoga or cycling classes at their Detroit and Grosse Pointe locations once they reopen.

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Citizen Yoga Detroit

In an effort to continue paying their staff, Citizen Yoga Detroit is providing the public with workout videos they can watch at home, albeit with a hybrid business model. Some videos will be free to view in their entirety via Facebook or Vimeo, while others will fall under a premium section on Citizen Yoga’s Vimeo page. The premium videos can be digitally rented for $8 each with a 24-hour streaming period. The videos cover topics ranging from the basics of yoga and yoga for kids to high-intensity training and more.

Pulse Fitness

This Pleasant Ridge gym has also made the move to online workout classes for both members and non-members. Streaming live on Facebook, Pulse Fitness coaches will be showing you how to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic with classes in high-intensity interval training, strength training, and more.