Local Animal Shelters: Great Spots to Adopt a Fuzzy Friend

By: Karen Dybis | April 30, 2021
Adopt a Pet Day

Photo Courtesy of Michigan Humane.

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog lover, pretty much everyone can agree that there are hundreds of reasons why Metro Detroiters should come together to celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day alongside the many adoption shelters that have lots of furry friends ready to adopt.

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day officially is April 30, and many local animal shelters will have small events or celebrations to gain attention. But these pet-centric spots are open for adoptions throughout the year, so when you or your family is ready to bring home a Fido or a Sparkles to add to the mix, chances are a Metro Detroit animal shelter will be happy to have you. 

The goal of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is to raise awareness across the United States of the millions of animals waiting in shelters for someone to adopt them. The hope is to find these dogs, cats and, sometimes, other animals a permanent home with people who will care for them long into the future. 

Here are some Metro Detroit animal shelters that are known for their pet-friendly policies and willingness to work with new pet owners on finding the right dog or cat of their dreams to enjoy forever. 


Enough room for your pets. Enough room for everything they need. See why Suburban is perfect for you… and your four-legged friends.

Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption

The mission at GPAAS is to provide a facility and service to the local community. It works with people to adopt stray animals, help injured animals who can be sheltered and receive veterinary care and reunite lost pets with those that love them. GPAAS has regular adoption events and an updated website as well as a strong social-media presence to help people connect with pets who want a home 

I Heart Dogs Rescue and Animal Haven

This Warren shelter has a vision for creating a world where all animals receive the care and love they need to live full, happy lives. Its mission is to serve as a leader in the no-kill shelter movement through rescues, rehab and re-homing dogs as well as acting as a haven for pets that belong to domestic-violence survivors.


Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society

For nearly a century, MACS or the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society has focused on providing refuge to stray, injured and forgotten animals. Its work seeks to promote “humane education” and work with the community to provide sheltering, veterinary care and pet-adoption services to any animal that comes into its doors. 

Hazel Park Animal Control Shelter

Hazel Park residents and nearby locals rave about this animal shelter for its kindness and compassion. The shelter cares for strays, animals abandoned by their owners, animals seized from owners due to improper care, surrendered animals and other cases as needed. They also do direct adoptions and work with other local rescues to find homes for pets. 

Michigan Humane

There are many fans of this organization, Michigan’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization. Founded in 1877, Michigan Humane works to improve and save animal lives through compassionate care, community engagement and advocacy for animals, officials said. It has hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other small animals available for adoption at its shelters, which are in cities including Detroit, Rochester Hills, Westland and Howell.