Metro Detroit Parents’ Guide to Halloween

By: Aaron B. Cohen | October 15, 2021
Parents Guide to Halloween

Every year, Metro Detroit parents look forward to celebrating Halloween with their kids. The opportunity to relive childhood nostalgia combined with the prospect of providing lasting memories for the next generation lends itself to a season of fun and family. Ultimately, Halloween is all about the kids, and that requires some creativity on the end of parents looking to create an unforgettable experience. That’s why this week, we’re covering some ways that parents can level up their Halloween prep, and create a perfect environment for their families to enjoy.


As kids, what was more exciting than finding your perfect Halloween costume? For those of us with craftier parents, we may recall watching our mothers piece the outfits together bit by bit. For others, memories of the Halloween stores – with all the masks, costumes and candy – and Halloween catalogs that arrived at the door each fall, bring back the best parts of our youth. Regardless of whether you intend to build your child’s costume from scratch, or opt for a simpler trip to the store, you can still be involved in the process of creating this year’s look. If you plan to go the store-bought route, avoid the chains and support one of your local Halloween costume purveyors like Screamers in Clinton Township or Crypt Keepers in Center Line.


If you plan to hand out candy, make sure you’ve got the best goods on the block! Sure, jumbo bags of chocolate and gummies are the obvious option, but there’s nothing more exciting than receiving a single, king-sized candy bar from your neighbor. Better yet, support one of your local candy stores, like Doc Sweets (Clawson) or Sugar Lu’s (Northville) that supply unique, delicious alternatives to your typical big-brand options.


Trick-or-treating is the definitive tradition of Halloween night. Between getting dressed up, heading out into the neighborhood, and then returning to sort the candy, it borders the line of activity and sacred practice for young kids. Along with going door-to-door in your own community, you can also partake in “trunk-or-treats,” like the one at Rocko’s Pet Stop in Macomb or the Live Rite Trunk or Treat in Roseville, providing a safe, controlled environment for your child to get in on the fun going car-to-car to claim their prize.

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Fun for the Whole Season

Even though Halloween officially lasts only one day, the entire month of October is an opportunity for your family to celebrate the season. If you’re looking for activities to fill the time, try some Halloween crafting. Jack-o-lanterns are the classic project, but you can also create fun candy corn jewelry, bedsheet ghosts, and toilet paper mummy decorations for your front lawn. Your kids will love making the house “haunted,” and you’’ be thrilled to provide activities that pull their heads away from a screen for a few hours.
If you’re looking for something a little more organized, check out the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo, The Halloween Craft and Vendor Market in Sterling Heights, and the Maybury Farm Great Fall Festival in Northville. It’s just as fun, but with no clean-up after!