Metro Detroit Stationery Stores Offer the Write Stuff

By: Karen Dybis | June 25, 2021
Stationery Stores

Photo Courtesy of City Bird.

Letter writing, which once served as the only communication between people, creating a treasure trove of love letters, business correspondence and miscellaneous postcards about everyday life. These days, letters are a lost art, which is why having great stationery stores are more important than ever. 

Why write letters? The answer is complicated. Writing itself is therapeutic. Actually putting words down by hand creates a sensory experience that allows us to pour out feelings, thoughts and ideas in a way that a computer can never hope to replicate. Writing a letter also helps you remember more of what you write because pen and paper are connecting our physical selves to our brains – allowing us to focus on the sentiment more than the “tippity-tappity” of the laptop keys.

If you do write letters, here are some stores that you may not have visited yet around Metro Detroit that offer not only amazing paper products for invitations but also paper for creating art, writing letters, jotting down grocery lists or just penning “to do” lists that look so good that you won’t mind coming back to them on a regular basis.

If you don’t write letters, visiting these stores may make you want to start. Run your hand along the paper and consider its texture. Pick up a piece individually and let its weight impress you. Perhaps a color other than plain white could inspire you to write something you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe grab a notebook or two, some great pens and whatever else strikes your fancy. Then, write something to someone you love. 

Here are five Metro Detroit stationery stores that writers of all levels return to time and again when they want to get fine paper and writing products. 

Paper Source

This Birmingham paper retailer can do it all. They carry card-making supplies, high-end stationary befitting the pickiest bride, photo paper, wrapping paper, personalized gifts, desk accessories and so much more. Paper Source also has a greeting card selection that is top notch, and you’ll find a year’s worth of sentiments to send to everyone you know.


Write Impressions

For the past three decades, Write Impressions in Royal Oak has given people the products they need to communicate to family and friends about every important life event. It carries elegant wedding-focused products as well as crazy single sheets for scrapbooking as well as perfect desk scraps that will help you come up with the lists of your dreams. 

Lee’s Specialty

Whether you’re a corporation looking to impress, a family planning a major religious ceremony or a couple looking to tie the knot, there are paper products that fit the bill at Lee’s Specialty in Bloomfield Township. You also can get the one-of-a-kind holiday paper that will make your family newsletter the envy of everyone you meet. 

City Bird

If you have a free moment in between business meetings or meeting with friends, go into City Bird and check out the card selection. There are cards that will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear or just remember a good time that you had with friends. These are cards and stationery you will be proud to send, and everything here is hand selected by the Linn siblings to be fun as well as special for the people you adore. 

Catching Fireflies

Ferndale is lucky to have Catching Fireflies, a specialty boutique that carries gifts, cards, stationery and kitchen gear for every kind of occasion. Have a staffer show you how the right card can bring you closer to someone you’re thinking about or pick up some funny notecards that will brighten your desk and your day.