Michigan Companies Taking on Winter Skincare

By: Karen Dybis | January 4, 2021
Winter Skincare - Kado

Photo courtesy of Kado Skincare.

Wintertime brings festive events, lots of family time and, unfortunately, dry skin. Being inside so much with the heater going as well as taking extra-long hot showers to shake off skiing or other winter activity can cause people’s skin to become irritated and longing for a great skincare regimen. 

Metro Detroit and Michigan at large has many local skincare companies that specialize in keeping skin hydrated and looking its best. These area companies use creative ingredients – craft beer, for one – as well as their understanding of Michigan’s seasonal temperatures to create products that are great for hands, faces and all of the skin you’re in. 

Kado Skincare

Dr. Jessica Kado and her family have created a skincare line that blends essential oils and other compounds to both fight inflammation and moisturize the skin at the same time. Kado Skincare came about because the dermatologist’s own son had eczema when he was an infant and Kado said she couldn’t find a product she liked for his care. So, as a result, she came up with her own and had it produced for her son and her patients.  

What makes the Kado family’s work in this skincare field unique is that they are mostly doctors and medical professionals. Truthfully, Kado said she did much of her own research when creating her skincare line, reading medical journals and searching textbooks and websites. She also went to her siblings and in-laws (most of her siblings also married doctors, bringing the final family physician count to 13, plus one med student) to figure out what formula might work best for her son and patients. 

Kado Skincare’s products include a face cream, body lotion and pain-relieving cream. None of them have synthetic fragrance or chemicals that leave a residue on the skin. 

“Not being biased but this cream is the best people will find especially for winter dry or itchy skin. It moisturizes effectively and absorbs elegantly to leave skin healthy and silky smooth,” Kado said. 

Here are some additional winter skincare companies based in Michigan that offer specialty products that help moisturize and protect skin during the winter. 

Revival RN

This Brighton-based company offers a diverse product selection of serums, SPF creams and moisturizers to fight seasonal dry skin.They also offer a variety of wellness services including vitamin therapies, massage therapies and facials. Co-owner and registered nurse Erin Jedrusik also is happy to provide her specific product recommendations and comments on the best winter skincare tips.

Bath Savvy

Jan Reaves’ interest in making soaps started nearly 20 years ago as a creative hobby she did while she was at home. She made small batches of soaps for herself and her daughters, Chani and Shannon, as a healthier choice for their skin. Through making and using her own body care products, Jan learned the benefits of active natural ingredients and pure essential oils as they help to nourish and soften the skin. 

Ilera Apothecary

ILERA Apothecary was launched in 2015 with the values of creating plant-based skincare products of the highest quality and with ethically-sourced ingredients. Founder and CEO, Chinonye Akunne, developed an impressive background in scientific fields with her specialties in public health and environmental health science. Through her studies and experience in prevention of exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace, she honed in on her passion for creating holistic skincare products to protect and revive the skin and body. 

Damn Handsome

This West Michigan company partners with craft breweries to repurpose their brewed ingredients into sustainable goods. After moving to Michigan from Portland, Oregon, the husband-and-wife team behind Damn Handsome got to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community and realized how many healthy ingredients went to waste after the brewing process. So, not only are their products environmentally sustainable, they work hard and are long lasting. 

Fig + Olive

The idea for Fig+Olive was created by best friends, Andria Bojrab and Joann Gordon. They both wanted natural products for their skin and say they tried just about everything on the market. When they couldn’t find what they wanted, they decided to create their own. Their pure olive-oil soap is a great example of the clean, healing nature of their products.