Neighborhood Spotlight: Port Huron

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 5, 2018
Neighborhood Spotlight: Port Huron featured image

Port Huron, a town known for its rich naval history, is a perfect place to visit for a day of education or just a relaxing day in a beautiful port town. From the many museums and historical locations to several delicious restaurants, see what Port Huron has to offer.

Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Named after the famed inventor, the Thomas Edison Depot Museum is just a stone’s throw from the St. Clair River and thus the border to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. As part of the larger Port Huron Museum, this satellite location provides a history of Edison’s upbringing in Port Huron. Here, you can learn about his scientific accomplishments, as well as his years as a news reporter and how he used the port to deliver and receive news from across the region.

Pine Grove Park

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A lush and beautiful area, Pine Grove Park is the perfect place from which to admire St. Clair River and the rest of Port Huron’s scenery. Enjoy local playgrounds, picnic sites, a softball diamond and more.

Huron Lightship

Located right next to Pine Grove Park is the Huron Lightship. It was the last lightship to operate on open water and was retired in 1970. It is now moored in sand along the St. Clair River and serves as a marine museum, educating patrons on the life of the boat’s crew as well as the presence of the U.S. Navy in Port Huron.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Known as Michigan’s oldest lighthouse, the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse was established in 1825 to serve the vessels coming and going through Lake Huron. Since then, the Lighthouse was rebuilt following the original’s collapse and now sits at a height of 82 feet, still providing guidance to water vessels.

Port Huron Museum

Located in what used to be the Port Huron Library, the flagship Port Huron Museum contains more than 45,000 pieces of history relating to the Blue Water Area. While the focus of the museum is on the area’s maritime history, the Museum also has rotating exhibits on display.

With so much to learn and discover, Port Huron is an excellent destination for an afternoon outing.

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