Outdoor Adventure Center Brings “Up North” to Detroit

By: Amber Ogden | August 11, 2015
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If you have yet to take a summer vacation, don’t fret. Perhaps you’ve already burned through most of your vacation days for the year, and if that’s the case, you can still enjoy “up north, downtown,” thanks to Detroit’s new Outdoor Adventure Center.

The Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC), located on the corner of the Dequindre Cut and the Detroit Riverwalk, provides a mecca of outdoor recreational opportunity that you’d typically find up north. Activities, sights and sounds you might find at the OAC include the sounds of animals, birds and insects, along with animal furs, chunks of salt from the Detroit Salt Mine and “fish” in a simulator.

Linda Walter, director of OAC, says it’s a great new place to learn and play, with the wonders of Michigan’s natural resources on display.

Outdoor Adventure Center

(Photo courtesy of Linda Walter of OAC)

“There are opportunities to learn and engage in experiences you may have always wondered about… You can sit in a plane and learn how we help track herd migration and fight forest fires from the sky and so much more. We want our residents to come away with a sense of pride in the beauty and richness of Michigan’s natural resources,” Walter said.

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Walter hopes that visitors will be inspired by their visit to the Outdoor Adventure Center, and hopes to educate and connect visitors to the fullness of Michigan’s natural resources. If you’re unable to make it up north this summer due to financial or other restraints, head to the Outdoor Adventure Center, where you’ll find a little bit of “up north” in downtown Detroit.

“So many of us, people of every age, spend more and more time away from nature. We want to motivate folks to have new adventures in the outdoors because of experiences they have had with us… And if we get you excited about pursuing family camping, hiking, kayaking—our classes and programs can connect you to nearby places to expand your experiences,” Walter said.

For more information on the Outdoor Adventure Center, visit michigan.gov.