Pool and Hot Tub Experts Will Help You Make a Summertime Splash

By: Karen Dybis | July 19, 2021

A backyard with a pool, hot tub or water access via a lake or pond can become an outdoor oasis. A place where you can cool off with family and friends anytime during the warm Metro Detroit summer months. That means taking care of it with the proper equipment, supplies and some fun accessories.

Metro Detroit is home to a wide variety of pool, hot tub and backyard pond supply and accessory stores. These retailers have been busier than ever over the past 15 months as the pandemic had families scrambling to install backyard pools and purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to keep them in good shape. 

If you want to install a hot tub, an above-ground pool or take care of ones that you already have, there are expert professionals at these stores who can help you. They carry chlorine, testing equipment and important ingredients to a safe and healthy water amusement. Keeping your pool or hot tub ready at any time means some regular maintenance and occasional additional upkeep, so these experts can make recommendations about what you need and when.

Don’t forget the accessories and the fun pool and pond toys that will make the summer one to remember. There are easy, low-cost ways to upgrade your outdoor oasis. That can be as simple as inflatable toys, games or floatation devices. You also can go all out and get some larger amusements, such as floating islands for diving in-ponds or team-focused games for your pool. Whatever you like to do, there’s a supply store that will be happy to help you get what you need this summer.

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Here are five Metro Detroit pool, spa and supply stores that have great staff as well as a full assortment of things to add to your water wonderland. 


If you need a bit of everything to get started, then PoolTown is a great place to go. This chain has six Metro Detroit locations, so you will be able to do everything from buy treatment chemicals to picking out a new above-ground pool. PoolTown says it is Michigan’s largest swimming pool and spa dealer, so you know you will get great advice no matter what kind of project you have in mind.


Dolphin Pool Supplies

Cruise over to Dolphin Pool Supplies in Clinton Township for everything you’ll need for your pool or hot tub. This retailer carries a big supply of equipment as well as fun pools for your backyard, even if you live in the middle of a city. Check out its Intex selection, offering pop-up pools that you can inflate and take down whenever you need them, which is helpful during these hot dog days of summer. 


Troy locals know this is the store to go to if you’re a newbie to the backyard pool or hot tub scene – they will help you get started and keep you going for the long haul. They carry everything from pool and spa chemicals to pool cleaners to inflatables and floats. They also offer free in-store water testing and labor on repairs. There’s even a Pool Care App for longtime owners. 

Viscount Pools and Spas

They’re known as Viscount Premier for good reason – they’re the OG of pool and spa suppliers. There are two locations, depending on what you’re looking for – one is in Clinton Township and the other in Chesterfield. These stores have everything you’ll need for a backyard oasis, from supplies to fun games to outdoor furniture. 

Sunny’s Pools & More

Pool life is more fun with a little Sunny in your life. They offer hot tubs, pools, toys, chemicals and everything else you might need to make your water fresh, clean and ready for a good time. Sunny’s Pools & More is known for its customer service as well, so if you have questions that need answers, someone there will make you feel welcome and understood.