Punch Your Way to Health at a Local Boxing Club

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 15, 2014
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The gym is a place we go to get in shape, stay in shape, relieve stress or train for something. I have fit into all of the above categories at some point or another. With that being said, do you ever get the feeling that you’re so caught up in your normal routine that it becomes hard to tell if you are making any progress? I definitely do.

What if I were to tell you there are places in Metro Detroit where the workouts are intense, trainers are with you every step of the way and you will get into peak shape? These places are known as boxing clubs. I’ve been looking for something new, so this sounds like a perfect opportunity to explore the benefits together.

9Round Northville located at 15404 Haggerty Rd., in Northville is one of the newest boxing clubs in Metro Detroit. Playing off its name, the workout takes you through nine “rounds” of exercises and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Most of the rounds teach kickboxing techniques, but cardio, strength and core are also included. Some of the braver souls may opt to go around twice and do an hour workout. I haven’t told you the best part yet. That whole getting bored of the same routine spiel we talked about won’t ever come into play because your trainer will switch up the workout each time. One thing for certain is that personal trainer/manager of 9Round Northville, and personal friend of mine, Jessie Harris, will whip you into shape in no time. Oh, and your first workout is always free!

TITLE Boxing Club has locations in Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills and Brighton. It is considered to be a favorite among Metro Detroiters. Kickboxing, boxing, power hour workouts and personal training classes are all offered at TITLE. What is a power hour workout you ask? Oh you know, just a highly intense cardio workout led by professional boxers that allows you to burn up to 1,000 calories in a mere 60 minutes. This boxing club has really mastered the art of interval training. In addition, most of the workouts are full-body exercises that teach you a variety of punching and kicking combinations. TITLE has a number of personal trainers and professional boxers, which allows each class to be a different experience. Again, your first visit here is free.

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Cooper’s Gym is located at 16849 W. Warren Ave., in Detroit. There is something for everyone at Cooper’s because it is not just a boxing club. It is also a Muay Thai, mixed martial arts and self defense gym. Whether you want to enroll your child in karate, learn how to box, or be the next MMA star, Cooper’s is highly recommended. That is just the tip of the iceberg though; check out the complete list of programs offered at this gym. Cooper’s also specializes in American Defensive Tactics (A.D.T.), and teaches courses to civilians, law enforcement, military members and more. As if this gym wasn’t cool enough, it also rents out rings and cages for special promotions and events.

Smash Hit Kickboxing Club, 48 N. Saginaw, in Pontiac is slightly different than the other gyms on the list because it is strictly kickboxing. Do not let that stop you from going here. Eight different programs and classes are offered to keep you from falling into one boring routine. Along with that, personal training is offered, either one on one or with a group of two to four people. Smash Hit does offer karate for the youngsters, ages four to 14. It also offers recovery kickboxing for those who are struggling to lose weight, recovering from an addiction or suffering from anxiety or depression.

There you have it. Just some of the many boxing gyms offered in Metro Detroit. I hope I was able to guide you in the right direction for your fitness goals.