Score One-of-a-Kind Vintage Jewelry

By: Karen Dybis | March 28, 2022

Photo courtesy of The Peacock Room

Jewelry is unique  in that you can inherit something from your family and wear it for years just the way it came or have it updated by a custom jeweler to make something you’ll love for years to come. 

Estate or vintage jewelry appeals to every age because of that flexibility, and estate jewelry in particular is having a moment with fashionistas and other shoppers because of it. Having something that is either historically relevant or just “new to you” appeals to those who want to truly stand out in a crowd. 

Estate jewelry is a specialty area of the jewelry industry, and you should look for a jeweler who offers some expertise. That means they can evaluate the value of the product or they can give you the story behind the pieces you’re interested in. These pieces are often an investment, so you want to find a jeweler you can trust and build a relationship with over time as you acquire more pieces.

But, if you’re interested in costume jewelry rather than fine jewelry, there’s no reason not to  visit your local estate sale or estate store and pick up whatever appeals to you. Estate jewelry is about finding things that you covet or feel a kinship to, so pick up what is exciting and set your own trends. 

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Here are five places around Metro Detroit that have a great eye for jewelry and will share their knowledge with you in your jewelry journey. 

The Peacock Room

Rachel Lutz recently started to offer more jewelry in her flagship stores as well as engagement jewelry, and women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds are going to look fabulous because of it. Whether you want something simple or dripping in diamonds, Lutz and her Peacock Room are definitely a jewelry lover’s best friend. 

Wachler Estate Collection

Birmingham is home to the Wachler’s vintage and estate jewelry business. The co-founders and jewelry buyers have been working with fine diamonds and estate jewelry throughout their careers. The business has been buying from people for more than 100 years, so they really know their stuff. Look for diamonds, fine jewelry, watches and more. 

LaLonde Jewelers

Whether you want an Edwardian brooch from the 1890s or a dramatic cocktail ring from the 1950s to a Tiffany bracelet, you can find something for every taste and budget at this Grosse Pointe Farms estate jewelry expert. LaLonde also has a large selection of religious and costume jewelry with fine accents within its stock, so come in and let them show you their range of selections if you want your jewelry to pop. 

Legacy Jewelry & Loans

Antique and vintage jewelry is all this Birmingham jewelry business does, so you know they have an eye for what sells and what is on-trend. Legacy Jewelry is made up of buyers and sellers of antique, estate and vintage jewelry, whether it is one piece or a whole collection. They are the local experts and their selections are exquisite. 

Estate Sales

You can explore on your own if you trust your eye and want to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The website is run by the McQuade family, including Mickey, Courtney, Dot and Dan. Dan started this service that tells you where local estate sales are because as a former machinist he was looking for old appliances at estate sales to pick up, fix and sell. You can visit estate sales across Metro Detroit to find your ideal pieces to build a jewelry wardrobe worth envying.