Spin Your Way to Health

By: Toni Cunningham | August 6, 2014
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It’s August, which means bikini season is almost over. Regardless, it’s still important to stay fit for your overall health. When it comes to exercising, sometimes your routine can get boring. If you’re stuck in a rut, or simply need to establish a workout schedule to begin with, I have an idea for you: spinning.

Spinning, or indoor cycling, is a great cardio workout and it’s done indoors, so you don’t have the ever-popular excuse of “oh it’s too hot outside” or “it’s raining, I’ll skip my run today.” Spin classes are tailored to everyone from beginners to experts, and you’ll find the time flying as you cycle to music that pumps you up.

There are several fitness studios in Southeast Michigan that offer great spin classes. Check them out!

Go Cycle, with locations in Royal Oak and Rochester Hills, promises a fun and intense workout through a variety of classes. GoCycle Weighted Intervals is a class that includes weighted plates on your bike. This is apparently the latest craze from the Big Apple (apparently no one who lives there actually calls New York City “The Big Apple,” FYI), and provides an additional challenge.

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Go Cycle + Abs is a one-hour class that incorporates ab workouts off the bike throughout the class. Go Cycle Chub Chub is a class for all experience levels that conditions your body to burn more fat and sugar while you’re in the Endurance Zone. Go Cycle has nearly a dozen instructors who are ready to whip you into shape. All you have to do is sign up for a class online—the first one is free! After that, drop in classes cost $15 each.

Mid-American Fitness, 24425 Indoplex Circle, Farmington Hills, offers 55-minute spin classes that include hills, sprints, climbs and jumps, all on an indoor bicycle. How can I do all of those outdoor-like activities on a stationary bike, you ask? By going all out (sprints), adding resistance (climbs) and standing up on your bike (jumps).

Spin classes here are always packed, so get your reservation made online sooner rather than later! If you’re going to attend three to four classes, your best bet is a first month pass for $39, or you can always drop in for $15.

True Body Fitness, 1434 Michigan Ave., Detroit, has two different spin classes: Spin and Spin & Core. The first is designed for all fitness levels and allows riders to burn up to 700 calories per one-hour class! Spin & Core does the same, but it also incorporates 15 minutes of core work off the bike.

Drop-in classes cost $12 after your first visit (your first is just $5!), and there are various class packages available, like five for $49 or eight for $64.

RydeOn!, 450 E. Michigan Ave., Saline, is an indoor cycling studio with half a dozen different biking classes. Ryde Fit is an aerobic workout class that will push you to challenge yourself, and Ryde Strong is an hour-and-a-half class that replicates an outdoor bike ride, complete with ascents and descents. Wake Up and Ryde! And Moonlight Ryde! are classes that will get you moving early in the morning and cycling before you go to bed.

Walk-in classes cost $16 (except the Ryde Strong class, which is $18), and new clients can purchase an unlimited introductory month pass for $39.

Spinergy Fitness, 133 W. Main St., Northville, has RealRyder bikes, which will allow you to incline as you ride, making it feel like you’re really on an outdoor bike. The studio even has a large screen with outdoor imagery to make things even more realistic.

There are several different classes you can try out, including Cruise and Condition, a 60-minute aerobic endurance class. H.I.I.T. Me Baby! is a class that includes high intensity interval training for maximum calorie burn in 55 minutes.

Classes cost $16 for one ride, $44 for three and $70 for five. Additional sessions and pricing can be found on Spinergy’s official website.

While it might look simple from a distance, spin classes are a butt-kicking workout that will lean out your legs and burn roughly 600 calories per one-hour session. It’s never too late to start improving your health! Don’t forget a nice cold water bottle.