Test Drive Your Next Pair of Running Shoes with New Balance!

By: Toni Cunningham | June 5, 2013
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I’m sure most of you have test driven a car in your lifetime, but what about a pair of shoes?

If you’re a runner in the market for a new pair of running shoes, now is your chance! New Balance Detroit is celebrating National Running Day on Wednesday, June 5 by offering a fun run where you can try out their newest kicks.

The 880 is the focal shoe for this test run, and is a lightweight, stable, well-cushioned running shoe perfect for runners of all skill levels and abilities. It’s also the brand’s marquee model for the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon, and they’re giving you the chance to take it for a test drive!

The June 5 event will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the New Balance store in Farmington Hills. Participants are encouraged to show up early though, because shoes are provided on a first come, first served basis. Participants will be given the chance to run anywhere from one to four miles in the shoes, and if you like them, you can purchase your shoes on the spot. If not, just give them back at the finish line.

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“We will be providing coupons to everyone in attendance, but they don’t have to be used that evening,” Darren DeCavitte, Business Manager at New Balance Detroit, said. The $10-off coupons will be good for anything in New Balance stores (including the test shoes) through July.

If the idea of test driving a shoe and returning it seems odd, know this: the shoes are provided as a test kit from New Balance corporate, and will be returned to the same place if they aren’t purchased. Once test kits are returned, they’re cleaned and donated to charity, according to DeCavitte.

At the event, New Balance will provide a fitting process to each participant and explain what a proper fitting should look and feel like.

“It’s a good time to catch up with other runners and get tips from other people,” DeCavitte said, noting that he and his team are eager to provide answers to any questions participants may have regarding the shoes themselves or running in general.

After the race, food and drinks will be provided. There will also be many giveaways!

In addition to the Freep Marathon, New Balance is involved with several of Metro Detroit’s largest races year-round, including the Corktown Race, Race for the Cure and Turkey Trot. They also sponsor a variety of smaller runs throughout the year, as well as multi-sport events like triathlons.

New Balance has even teamed up with the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers’ “What Drives You?” campaign, a video series that will follow five runners throughout their Freep Marathon training. The series will provide these runners with the opportunity to inspire others through their personal journeys and their reasons for running. New Balance will assist in properly equipping the contest winners with a shoe fitting.

“With the five participants, we’re (also) outfitting them with New Balance gear,” DeCavitte said. New Balance is holding a special Good Form Running class for them in order to refine their running techniques without injury and provide them tips for training.

For additional information on New Balance Detroit’s test-drive event, visit the stores’ Facebook page.