The Power Of Breath

By: Briana Dixon | May 6, 2022

There’s power in the breath.

And no, not the powerful stench that ensues when we eat something garlicky. Although breathing keeps us alive, it rarely receives the acknowledgment it deserves. Just by bringing awareness to our breathing, we can induce the ability to calm our mind or maintain its already relaxed state in the face of adversity. As stress remains an epidemic in our society, it’s critical to adopt some kind of practice for relief. Breathing through life’s moments of mere madness is easier said than done, but through the consistent practice of breathwork techniques, it becomes quite simple.

When our breathing ceases or becomes shallow, the brain receives signals that we are in danger, increasing the production of the cortisol hormone, also known as the stress hormone. When we incorporate breathwork, hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin are released instead, promoting a healthier emotional state. Stress is detrimental to long-term health, mainly because of the damage it causes to the brain and other parts of the body. In addition to a drastically improved mental state, it can also strengthen the immune system, and due to the substantial amounts of oxygen that reach the vital organs, boost energy levels as well.

There are various categories of breathwork techniques, but the concept remains the same for all: becoming deeply focused on inhaling and exhaling. There are immediate and gradual results, which is what makes this such an ideal practice. The immediate results are relaxation of the mind and physical body, while gradually cultivating a mind-body connection, which can increase self-awareness, acceptance, and confidence. “Did you know that one of the secrets to sticking to good habits is building off of small changes over time?” -Dr. Mark Hyman.

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You can learn more about breathwork and how to practice using websites like Breathwork Foundation and Open’s online breathing exercises, or wellness apps, such as Breathwrk, iBreathe, The Mindfulness App, Breethe, Headspace, Calm. If you prefer to learn from an instructor in a more immersive environment, consider booking a breathwork session with one of these Metro Detroit wellness facilities. 

Breathe Yoga Salt

Along with breathwork, you can enjoy yoga, reiki healing, and halotherapy, from which they’ve grown quite popular. They’ve modernized several ancient healing techniques and remain dedicated to informing as many people as possible of the importance of mental health and wellness, and how to navigate the healing process. You’ll find online classes, as well as free videos of guided meditations, an introduction to breathwork, and yoga flows. To learn more about Breathe Yoga Salt, follow them on Instagram, @Breatheyogasalt, or Facebook, @Breatheyogasalt.

Samastah Yoga

The team at Samastah Yoga strives to mitigate the preconceived difficulty associated with breathwork and meditation. Although feelings of discomfort are inevitable, especially for beginners, they provide knowledge and tools so that their students get the most out of the practice and become more likely to commit to it. As the name suggests, they offer yoga, as well as sound therapy. To learn more, follow Samastah Yoga on Instagram, @Samastahsound, or Facebook, @Samastahsound.

Sattva Yoga Center

Unwavering inner peace is their mission and breathwork is their method. This studio aims to guide its students to an equally healthy body and mind, and strongly believes that breathing – specifically diaphragmatic breathing – is a fundamental aspect. They also offer yoga, with the goal of helping everyone develop a practice that is most suitable to them. To learn more about Sattva Yoga Center, follow them on Facebook @SattvaYogaCenter. 

Sheth Studios

Specializing in the healing of trauma, this studio promotes utilizing somatic-based tools, like breathwork, as a starting point. With mindful implementation, the owner believes it to be a powerful way to develop a deeper sense of self-love and respect. To learn more about Sheth Studios, and/or book a virtual consultation, follow them on Instagram, @Shethflows. 

Michigan Massage & Wellness

Pain and chronic stress relief are the top priorities here. Through massage therapy, yoga, and breathwork, they consistently deliver life-changing results. To learn more, follow Michigan Massage & Wellness on Instagram, @Michiganmassageandwellness, or Facebook @Michiganmassageandwellness.

Thanks to the wide range of in-person and online resources, breathwork is something that is easily accessible. From gaining more knowledge to incorporating it into daily life, there are options for just about anything anyone could need. So, the next time you start to feel overwhelmed, or your thoughts begin to spiral, try to remember to just breathe, slowly and deeply, and notice how much better you feel!