This Is What Mom REALLY Wants For Mother’s Day

By: Katie Goncalves | May 2, 2022

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and many times moms are left disappointed by the gifts they’re given. This in no way means they’re ungrateful for the thought behind the gift. Quite the contrary. Consider this: the kids make mom breakfast in bed. What a lovely gesture! A few hours later she is left to clean up the dishes and the entire kitchen. Or think about another popular choice: the family takes mom out for a nice Mother’s Day brunch. While trying to enjoy her frittata, she’s being interrupted by diaper changes and crying because someone’s pancakes are too round. Great ideas in theory, but in practice, they absolutely fall flat.

Want to know what moms really want for Mother’s Day? Time. Time to do things they want to do. Time to be alone. Time to enjoy some peace and quiet. Moms love their families endlessly 365 days a year. Giving mom a break and some much-deserved alone time will most likely result in her loving her family even more. This Mother’s Day, consider treating mom to one of these experiences before signing her up for a day of unwanted stress. 

A Trip to the Spa

Many local spas offer packages that will leave mom feeling pampered and rested. Do your homework upfront to find out what kinds of services she would really like. Whether she’s in dire need of a massage or would just like a fresh manicure, take care of all the scheduling and payment ahead of time so her only worry is showing up. A whole day of zen music and relaxation is just what mom needs to feel like her best self.

family loading backpacks in a blazer

With ample space and advanced safety features, the Blazer ensures every journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Depending on what services she might like, check out Beach House Day Spa, Woodhouse, IMMERSE Spa, and set up a whole day of calm and quiet.

Concert Tickets

For the mom who loves music, take a look at who is coming to play at a local venue and buy her two tickets to the show. Let mom pick who gets the second ticket and have her plan an evening around the event. Not only will it give her something to look forward to, but she will be able to keep those amazing memories for years to come. 

There are still great seats available for shows coming to the Detroit area at Pine Knob, Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre, and Meadowbrook Amphitheatre to enjoy an outdoor concert this summer!

Restaurant Gift Card

There’s always at least one restaurant in town mom has been dying to try. Treat her to the full culinary experience by getting her a gift card to the place on the top of her must-visit list. Allow mom to pick the day and time that is most convenient for her and then follow through by making the reservation. 

If mom doesn’t know what to pick, try grabbing a reservation at SheWolf, Selden Standard, or Toasted Oak. She’s sure to love all of them. 

Solo Hotel Stay 

One of the greatest gifts you can give mom is a night all to herself at a luxurious hotel. She can watch whatever her heart desires on the TV. She can eat a relaxing meal in peace without cutting someone’s food for them. And most importantly, she won’t have to worry about anyone waking her up during the night or early in the morning. Mom will return rested and grateful for the time to herself.

Give mom the best hotel experience and book her a room at Shinola Hotel downtown or The Daxton Hotel in Birmingham. Consider offering her a mid-week stay to take a break from the chaos of home.