Time After Time

By: Karen Dybis | March 4, 2020
Daylight Savings Time

Love it or hate it, Daylight Savings Time is going to change the way Metro Detroiters handle their days and what time people collectively decide to go to bed at night. If that’s the case, you might as well embrace it.

For Metro Detroiters, getting that extra hour of sunlight ends up being one of the best things about spring and summer in Michigan. There are many ways to lose that precious 60 minutes that you need to plan ahead so that you make the most of it. 

For some people, that may mean finding a new hobby or getting out to a special event. Others may want to find new ways to enjoy family time, such as picking up some games or things to do outside with those closest to you. Or you may want to focus on personal needs, such as fixing up that mess of a vehicle you’ve been driving, covered with salt and mud.

Betsy Murdock, co-founder of The Congregation Detroit, says she is anticipating many warm nights spent outside on the exterior deck of the city’s newest coffeehouse, community meeting space and light-bite eatery. 

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“We want to give people in the community a place to come and enjoy together. We say we have something for everybody,” including landscaped green space and a park across the street. Plus, the interior has a basement community area as well as a variety of seating options for laptop warriors, couch chatters and wine drinkers. 

Another idea to become a tourist in your hometown. If you live in Detroit, then you’ve got a city that is full of endless opportunity. Go see some of its 300-plus history with a tour or self-guided exploration. 

Here are five suggestions for what to do with that extra hour you’re blessed to have. 

Visit a new coffeehouse 

Detroit is home to some of the most beautiful churches in North America – including the second oldest in that geographic area, Ste. Anne. But if you want coffee beyond the post-church events, you need to head over to The Congregation. This new business is located inside a 1920s church, which is sandwiched between the beloved Boston Edison and Atkinson neighborhoods. There will be pastries in the morning and a full bar with cocktails and small bites in the evening. 

Take an extra-long dog walk

Every dog needs its day, and with this extra hour, you can give your dog that extra-long walk you’ve been promising for months now. Get out to see not only the beauty that is the Detroit riverfront but take some time to really appreciate the hard work, vision and investment it took to turn what was formerly factory land and turn it into something this magical. And your dog will love you for letting their legs get a good stretch in the process.

Get some seeds ready

If you love to see something from start to finish, then you should be among the Metro Detroit gardeners who are taking up seed growth and tending. Lots of places such as Keep Growing Detroit are helping people who want to have green thumbs expand their knowledge of the soil, how they can grow bigger and better things as well as how they can give back to the local food economy as well. Check out a class or two to get your backyard looking prime. 

Neighborhood car wash day

Get the kids on your block together with some dish soap, old towels and a garden hose or two and get after those terrifically dirty cars in your local neighborhood. If they’re not yet ready to get outside after a long winter of gaming or playing with their smartphone, that’s easy to understand. If so, check out a nearby car wash through places like Mr. Cs, where generations of Metro Detroiters have taken their well-loved autos to get clean again. 

Picnic on Belle Isle

One of the ultimate gems in Detroit has to be its wee island getaway. There are so many places to see on Belle Isle that it deserves much more than an extra hour. Check out the old saw mill. Take your kids to the many playgrounds, including the new one that is open to people of all abilities. Maybe bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy near the marble lighthouse or the Nancy Brown carillon. You cannot go wrong with a view that includes another country and a beautiful river on a bright, sunny day.