Treat Your Pup to a Special Treat at These Bakeries

By: Karen Dybis | May 21, 2021
Dog Bakeries

Photo Courtesy of Three Dog Bakery.

Dogs are our most loyal companions; sitting at our feet during endless Zoom meetings, going on long walks when we need some exercise and hanging out when we need comfort. All these companionable pooches ask for in return is a pat, some dinner and treats whenever possible. 

That is where Metro Detroit’s dog-focused bakeries come in to help. These shops specialize in dog-friendly baked goods that canines can eat without worrying about using inedible decorations or causing their owners to have to look up whether a dog can have this ingredient or that one. The bakers are pet lovers and have a special fondness for dogs in particular. 

An important reason to look for a dog bakery is so you know what kind of research they’ve done into dog health, how they test their products, and, most of all, whether your dog will like them at all. That is why it is key to go into each bakery, get to know the staff and owners and let your dog sniff around to find something both of you will like. 

These bakeries offer special treats, like birthday cakes and ice cream, that you’d only want to feed your dog if you got it from a specialty store. They also tend to carry a wide array of baked goods, natural treats and other products that all dog parents need once in a while. And, if your dog is well behaved during his or her visit, chances are you’ll walk out with a new treat to try and a happy doggo as well. 

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Here are some Metro Detroit dog bakeries that earn rave reviews from shoppers as well as Fido, Rover and the other Jinxes of the world. 

Bow Wow Baketique

Grosse Pointe Woods residents and East side visitors alike know that Bow Wow Baketique is all about healthy, natural dog treats and sweets. The bake shop is devoted to its honorary pooch, Belle, who was a doggie friend for 16 years and inspires the treats sold at the baketique. These treats are dog friendly and come in a variety of shapes, colors and flavors, often using fresh ingredients and spices such as turmeric. Best of all, you know that the treats have been approved by the dog tests who have enjoyed this bakery for years.


Three Dog Bakery

Plymouth’s Three Dog Bakery was started in 1989 by two amateur bakers who had three dogs between them and an inexpensive biscuit cutter. Using those simple tools and an abiding love for dogs, they came up with all-natural foods and dog treats that have been making pets happy and well bed. They are known for their personalized birthday cakes, sandwich dog cookies, oven-baked dog biscuits and all-natural bagel-dog treats. 

Maestros’ Dog House

Consider this dog bakery the superstore of tasty goods. Maestro’s Dog Haus is a family-owned specialty doggy deli in Ferndale that offers a large selection of both commercial food and treats as well as its house-made treats. Its products range from 100% meat treats to bakery items like biscuits and birthday cakes to even doggie-friendly frozen yogurt. What Maestros does so well is keeping its treats simple – they contain minimal ingredients and are always 100% grain free to make sure every pet is included, even those with grain allergies or sensitive stomachs. 

Howl About It Bakery

It’s a bit of a drive, but if you have a dog that loves car rides from Metro Detroit, then this Howell shop is the one to check out. The cakes are the main draw here with dog-friendly flavors such as sweet potato, peanut butter, beef and pumpkin. Add a great shape such as a squirrel and your dog will come running for such a delicious display of human love and companionship. 

Brown Bassett Bakery

If you have a Good Boy or Girl who needs lots of bones and treats in his or her life, then you’re going to the right bakery with Brown Bassett. Mini bones and other tiny treats are some of its best offerings and will make not only good bites for your favorite pooch but could be sent via mail or gift delivery for the other dogs in your life.