Valentine’s Day Jewelry Guide

By: Karen Dybis | February 2, 2022
Tappers pendants

Photo Courtesy of Tappers.

There’s an old saying within the jewelry trade: There are people who love jewelry and there are people who don’t know yet how much they love jewelry. There is no better time to find out which type of person you are than Valentine’s Day.

People of all ages and relationship statuses appreciate receiving a thoughtful gift of jewelry for this special holiday. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a time when we show those we love an in-person sign of that affection–and who doesn’t feel that a new diamond ring or beautiful pendant isn’t a fitting way to display that adoration? 

What makes jewelry a fine gift is that there are many family-owned and multi-generational jewelry businesses located in Metro Detroit. They offer fine as well as entry-level jewelry, making sure they stock all price points so everyone from a spouse to a kid to a parent can find something that is budget-friendly to give.

These jewelers also go out of their way to come up with creative and original designs for anyone in your relationship sphere. Many of these jewelry retailers also are great at taking older pieces, perhaps something you inherited, and transforming it into a more modern style. All you need to do is come in, contact them virtually or even do an online chat, and they can get your project started and ready to deliver in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Here are five Metro Detroit jewelry stores–including one that recently started doing more formal jewelry designs on a regular basis–that you will want to visit this Valentine’s Day holiday to find gifts for the ones you love. 


This well-loved jewelry retailer with multiple locations carries all of the big names as well as its own custom work. Tappers gives everyone a luxury shopping experience, focusing on custom service at this multi-generational business. You know they are in it for the long haul as a family-owned jeweler that wants Metro Detroiters to come back time and again.

Miners Den

If you want something that will not only impress when it is opened but could also be passed down for generations, then this Royal Oak jeweler is the right spot for you. Open since 1971, Miner’s Den carries a wide array of gems, diamonds, watches and more, so there is a good chance you will be able to find something lovely for your favorite people.  

Edmund T. Ahee

Everyone on the East side knows this jewelry store for its impressive decorations–let’s talk about that huge red bow at the holidays–to its great customer service. Located in Grosse Pointe Woods, Ahee offers fine jewelry that is special to its location as well as the ability to create and maintain anything you are interested in buying for a gift this holiday. 

Simmons and Clark

Detroiters know where to go when they want something sparkly and well made–all this and more can be found under the Simmons and Clark sign. Since 1925, this family-owned jewelry business has been taking care of the community with its hard work and unique jewelry designs. They mix old-school service with new technology to make sure everyone loves the items they receive. 

Well Done Goods

Perhaps you may not yet know of the jewelry from this Detroit store, but you soon will. If you are a rock hound of any kind, especially those that are non-traditional, then you will adore the work created by owner and artist Bethany Shorb. Shorb makes everything with a mix of art and science, creating statement jewelry that could only come from her hand. Check out Material Spirit, one of her newest collections, to see if it is a fit for the loves in your life.