Weddings, Portraits & Pets: Photographers of Southeast Michigan

By: Amber Ogden | July 21, 2015
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When it comes to capturing life’s precious moments, the moments themselves are just as important as the person you choose to do the capturing. These lifestyle photographers in southeast Michigan will bring any special occasion to life.

Stephanie Lemmon of Lemmonmade Photography specializes in children’s stylized portraits. She initially developed a love of photography when her husband deployed to Iraq and she captured their five month old daughter’s many “firsts” on camera.

Lemmonmade Photography

(Photo provided by Stephanie Lemmon of Lemmonmade Photography)

Lemmon describes her style as whimsical, ethereal and magical, which is evident through her photos. Her popular fairytale sessions are highly customized portrait sessions for children.

“I strive to capture the magic and innocence of childhood, and the personalities of my subjects,” Lemmon said. “A photograph, to me, is a memory. I am hired to preserve time, and I hope to do that in a magical, nonconventional way.”

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Lemmon believes she has developed an instantly recognizable photographic style, much of which is due to her editing process.

“It’s what defines my style,” she explained. “It took me a long time to perfect it, but I’ve definitely grown leaps and bounds from my early days.”

Ashley Beal of Ashley Beal Photography pursued photography after moving from the city to a small town with her husband. She found herself outside capturing images of her young daughter, then began photographing friend’s children as well.

Ashley Beal Photography

(Photo provided by Ashley Beal of Ashley Beal Photography)

Now primarily a wedding and engagement photographer, Beal said she hopes people feel the emotion of her images, which she describes as natural, authentic, dramatic and modern.

“My goal is, and has always been, to capture truth and honesty, no forced moments, just watching moments unfold,” she said.

Once she began specializing in wedding photography, Beal found her niche and creative happiness.

“As a wedding photographer, I am able to see and experience so many different cultures, religions and families. It’s a way of escaping from my world for a few hours and completely (immersing) myself in another. It’s a very rewarding and fulfilling career,” Beal said.

Kat Ku of Kat Ku Photography is a pet photographer who specializes in modern pet portraits. Ku experimented in wedding and fashion photography before finding her true passion: photographing animals.

Kat Ku Photography

(Photo provided by Kat Ku of Kat Ku Photography)

“I love listening to (clients’) stories, and how much they love their pets,” Ku said, noting that no matter one’s background or beliefs, pets are something everyone relates to.

Before each session, Ku meets with her clients to figure out how to approach each session and what kinds of images she’s going to focus on capturing.

“Pets, unfortunately, are with us for too short of a time, and we can’t but help to stupidly fall head over heels in love with them—all while knowing they’re going to break our hearts one day. If I can bring some small bit of joy to someone’s life, that’s all I can ask for.”

Take a peek at her gallery here.

No matter what special occasion you’d like to capture forever, these photographers will bring your story to life from behind the lens.